Why the secret desire to be like Oliver Pocher is dangerous

What is the fascination with the Pocher type?

Oliver Pocher is an all-rounder: comedian, entertainer and influencer. He polarizes with borderline humor and is loved and hated in equal measure.

With his shameless and brazen behavior, he provides a projection surface for our secret desires and at the same time it also creates malicious joy. This extroversion is hidden inside every human being as a secret wish and fantasy – to be celebrated and prominent. But we suspect that the downside of this display can be extreme gloating when something doesn’t work as it should.

This type of person often manages to achieve a certain status and thus earn a lot of money without any special skills or training.

It’s a bizarre mix of admiration and disgust that captivates us.

What is the danger of the Pocher type?

The greatest danger is that the roles disappear in my private life: On stage I am shrill and loud, ruthless and accusatory, pointing out other people’s missteps and weaknesses without considering the losses. The public and private personas merge. If I adopt this behavior into my social environment, I quickly become lonely.

The partner’s question then becomes: Who am I actually with? The stage character or the person. The worry is that these two characters will mix together and I won’t know who I’m sitting at the table with. The resulting uncertainty is the breeding ground for distrust – that is the beginning of the end.

Is there a pocher in each of us?

When asked what they think of this type of person, many people would clearly distance themselves. “That’s far too intrusive and vulgar!” or “That doesn’t correspond to my mentality!” Secretly they would have to admit that there is a certain kind of admiration in them for how these people with these characteristics manage to become rich and famous become.

This circumstance is made, for example, B. Use horoscopes. The Barnum Effect describes the human tendency to perceive vague and general statements as accurate about yourself:

  • You are often the quiet observer, but when you feel comfortable, you come out of yourself.”
  • “You are a lovable, yet determined person.”
  • “You do have some weaknesses, but generally you can deal with them and are very disciplined and self-controlled.”

These formulations are chosen so that we can find ourselves in all zodiac signs.

Politicians also like to use this effect: “I understand the concerns and fears of all citizens and will fight for a better future.”

Few people are granted the opportunity to be who we really are inside. The rules of our society and workplace force us to suppress some parts of our personality.

And then someone comes along who dares to do it all.

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