Why Stefan Raab really separated from his production company

Did Stefan Raab regret his million dollar deal? The separation of Raab and his production company is said not to have been as harmonious as previously assumed. The focus is, among other things, on the lack of a say.

Stefan Raab and his long-standing production company Brainpool have separated after a 25-year partnership. The collaboration began with the birth of “TV total” in 1998 and brought numerous innovative television concepts to the German media landscape. But although the split initially seemed amicable, it apparently wasn’t as harmonious as it seemed.

Stefan Raab called for more say

Back in 2019, Stefan Raab sold his shows and shares in Brainpool to the French company Banijay. Raab reportedly received over €9.5 million for this deal. However, in return he had to give up the rights and control of his own shows such as “Wok WM”, “Beat the Star” as well as new ideas such as “Collect or Disgrace” and “Beat the Best”.

This also means that Stefan Raab and his company Raab TV always had to work with the French media giant – despite a ten percent stake in Banijay Germany, this was obviously not enough compensation for the cult presenter. As “bild.de” claims to have learned, there have been intensive discussions in recent months about Stefan Raab’s further involvement in the company as a co-partner – the trigger was Raab’s demands to get more rights to his TV classics again.

Collaboration between Raab and Brainpool ends at the end of the year

Stefan Raab, who ended his active TV career in front of the camera in 2015, is said to have felt too restricted – but the big bosses at Banijay didn’t let anyone talk to him. The consequence: a clear cut at the end of the year. A few days ago, the media magazine “dwdl.de” reported that it was a “separation of the collaboration by mutual agreement”. The statement by Marcus Wolter, CEO and co-founder of Banijay Germany, also suggested that it was a peaceful breakup.

“Thanks to Stefan for the great journey together, he contributed significantly to the expansion of Brainpool and built a great entertainment catalog. (…) We will prove ourselves worthy of Raab’s legacy and remain on friendly terms,” said Wolter to “DWDL”. But that doesn’t seem to be the case after all.

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