WhatsApp To Soon Launch “Voice Status” Feature For Its Users

WhatsApp, a Meta-owned instant messaging application, is scheduled for release with a terrific and greatest “voice status” function for its users worldwide.

Currently, one of the top instant messaging applications WhatsApp, allows its users to publish videos, photos, and contact status using the feature.

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Just like this, no current social media network or program can make it possible to share audio status. However, all websites allow audio status to be posted to video in the user’s browser.

WhatsApp is currently programmed to process the highest WhatsApp connections. The software program currently testing the “Voice Status” feature.

The developers of the WhatsApp messaging app are planning the launch of the Voice Status feature within the next few weeks, according to Web@Info, a website that frequently details changes to WhatsApp, and the function was instantly offered for testing.

Users will be able to use the feature “Voice Status” instead of video, text, and photo status, and it will function the same. Users will have the ability to remove the Voice Status function before it is automatically deleted within 24 hours just like the normal status on the application.

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