WhatsApp Improving Its Video Calling Feature With Support More People

Popular messaging service, WhatsApp owned by Meta, announced some updates to its video and voice calling features, matching its functionality with the other providers in its niche.

Starting from up to 32 people at once on a mobile device and with the four times limit to eight people from the previous release. Earlier, total of 32 people could only use audio calls, but now they can do video call as well.

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This upgrade will enable WhatsApp to better compete with FaceTime in offering large group video calls with a person capacity of 32.

There’s now the option to share a call link with others and also use FaceTime. If you long-press on the person’s name, you can take a zoomed in video of the caller. This is good for one-on-one video chat and muting the person if need be.

The interactive waveform is available for those participants who have their camera turned off. And for newcomers to a call, a banner lets them know who is currently on the call.

A new option will also likely to roll out in 2023, in which WhatsApp is worked

Additionally, WhatsApp is testing an iOS picture-in-picture feature that will let users multitask while participating in a video conference; this feature is expected to be available in 2023.

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