WhatsApp Finally Launched a Solution For ‘Delete For Me’ Error

WhatsApp recently came up with a new feature which gives you a way to avoid accidentally deleting a message for you but want for everyone else by means of an option which states, Delete for me.

Using the new feature, named “accidental delete,” users have a five-second window to undo deleting messages for everyone or just themselves.

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Often, WhatsApp users mistakenly select an unwanted action instead of “Delete for Everyone” when deleting a wrongly sent message. New WhatsApp Feature- Deleting Messages, If a WhatsApp message is accidentally deleted, a small window will appear offering a chance to undo the action.

As reported by WABetaInfo (WhatsApp’s features tracker), this new WhatsApp feature will soon be available to Android and iPhone users as it has already been tested on both platforms.

Previously in 2017, WhatsApp introduced the Delete for Everyone feature that lets people delete a message that may have gone to all recipients by accident. It was designed to resolve the issue of individuals or groups sending messages mistakenly. It was initially limited to seven minutes, but that time limit was eventually extended to 48 hours or 60 hours in August.

A little over a week ago, WhatsApp also updated their video call function to allow people to make video calls of up to 32 participants at a time. There were 32 people who could only make audio calls before, but now they can also make video calls.

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