What do Russians fear near Kherson? Concern in Moscow about Ukrainian actions

Russia’s concerned response to Ukrainian military activity in the eastern bank of Kherson Oblast is making international headlines. The majority of these claims are made according to “ISW“ made by an influential Russian miblogger who has recently focused intensively on this front line. The reports speak of Ukrainian attempts to strengthen their positions on the eastern bank and possibly advance across the Dnipro River.

Putin repeats his statements

President Vladimir Putin described these actions as a “counteroffensive” and routinely claimed that all Ukrainian offensive measures were doomed to failure. The Milblogger in question, which many Russian sources rely on, warned in advance of a potential Ukrainian offensive across the Dnipro in 2023.

Russia moved elite troops to Zaporizhia

The Russian concerns may be related to the recent restructuring of its troops on the left bank of the Dnipro. ISW reports that Russia has withdrawn more elite units from Kherson in recent months and relocated them to the western Zaporizhzhia Oblast for support. According to Nataliya Humenyuk of the Ukrainian Southern Operations Command, Russian forces would continue to move trained units from Kherson to Zaporizhzhia.

Additionally, according to ISW, Russia may have recently moved parts of the 41st Combined Arms Army and the 810th Marine Infantry Brigade towards Kherson, although it remains unclear which specific 41st Army units are currently positioned in Kherson Oblast. Reports indicate that Ukrainian counterattacks may have knocked out the 810th Marine Brigade as early as late September.

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