Weather changes war dynamics: mud and fog slow down war in Ukraine

In Ukraine, current weather events have a significant impact on warfare. Volodymyr Fityo, spokesman for the Ukrainian ground forces, describes how rain and mud in the Donbass region are slowing down ground maneuvers. Nadiya Zamryha, a spokeswoman for the 14th Mechanized Brigade, reports that fog and rain are making aerial reconnaissance of both sides – both Russian and Ukrainian – more difficult, leading to a decrease in the frequency of attacks. In addition, hiding equipment and troops is made more difficult by falling leaves, he said.ntv“.

Weather slows down Russian air force

Nataliya Humenyuk, spokeswoman for the Ukrainian Southern Operations Command, said that the Russian Air Force is less active in southern Ukraine due to the weather conditions. The Russian armed forces use a large number of glide bombs in every operation. A Ukrainian reserve officer suspects that the mud could make many roads near Avdiivka impassable, creating logistical challenges for both parties to the conflict, ntv reports. These weather conditions could play a significant role in the further development of the conflict, as “ntv” concludes.

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