Victoria Beckham speaks of a “working class” family

Victoria Beckham explains that her family was a “working class” family. David Beckham doesn’t just leave that alone and corrects his wife – after all, her father drove a Rolls-Royce.

In the new one Netflixdocumentary “Beckham”, which highlights the unique career of footballer David Beckham (48), his wife Victoria Beckham (49) also has her say. The former singer reveals astonishing gaps in her memory about her childhood, which David Beckham immediately humorously corrects in the documentary.

In the documentary, Victoria Beckham also talks about her younger years. “I think we both come from families that work very hard. Both of our parents work very hard. We come from the working class,” recalls the ex-Spice Girl. But David Beckham doesn’t want to let this statement stand. “Be honest,” he admonishes his wife. However, she insists on her point of view and states: “I’m honest.”

Victoria Beckham’s father drove a Rolls-Royce

Victoria’s claim prompted David Beckham to ask her a simple question. “What car did your father drive you to school in?” he wants to know from her. She squirms and initially says: “That’s not an easy question, it depends.” But then the 49-year-old comes out with the truth and admits: “Okay, in the 80s my father had a Rolls-Royce .”

David and Victoria Beckham: Married for 24 years

Even though David Beckham exposed his wife a little in front of the camera in the documentary, the two are still as in love today as they were on the first day. They met at a football game in 1997. Just two years later, the wedding bells rang. Their four children Brooklyn (24), Romeo (21), Cruz (18) and Harper (12) crowned their happiness together. In July, the couple celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary and made it clear with sweet posts on Instagram that they are still a close-knit team.

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