US Announces $100 Million Additional Aid For Pakistan

According to the official reports, the government of the United States (US), in a bid to help Pakistan, announced an additional 100 million dollars for the country.

The allocated funds will be used to improve the nation’s food, medicine, well-being, and transportation infrastructures.

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In a statement released by the spokesperson of the States Department of the US, Ned Price offered that the US government is working to provide financial relief for Pakistan.

The US government announced additional aid for Pakistan, to which the country’s share in aid has increased to more than two hundred million dollars.

State Department officials said the United States is allocating $100 million to improve the country’s infrastructure, medical care, and food security. Ned Price maintained that rehabilitation of the Pakistani people is a continuous phase.

It was observed that Pakistan (on Monday) secured over $10 billion in funds from international banking and philanthropic institutions for the development of flood-prone regions, during an International Conference on Climate Resilience.

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