Ukraine is not allowed to join: EU neighboring country becomes bitter adversary

Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, has clearly spoken out against the start of EU accession negotiations with Ukraine, contrary to the recommendation of the EU Commission. Orban said in a radio broadcast on Friday that Ukraine was “in no way in a condition” to hold accession talks. He emphasized that the country attacked by Russia was far from EU membership.

EU recommendation meets resistance

The EU Commission had previously suggested starting accession talks with Ukraine, but this requires a unanimous decision from all EU states. With Orban’s rejection, this required unanimity is shaken.

Orban, known for his close relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, recently met him at an international meeting in Beijing. Despite possible movements on the issue of frozen EU funds for Hungary, which currently amount to almost 30 billion euros, Orban sticks to his decision against the accession negotiations.

Orban: No compromises on EU funds

Orban makes it clear: “Hungary’s rejection of the start of accession negotiations with Ukraine cannot become the subject of a deal.” He makes this statement in the context of EU aid amounting to 50 billion euros for Ukraine. Orban emphasizes that the funds for Hungary held back by the EU should be paid out regardless of other issues.

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