U17 World Cup in the ticker: crazy free kick from Herrmann! Germany leads against the USA

Germany – USA 1:0

Goal: 1-0 Herrmann (14th)

Germany: Schmitt – da Silva Moreira, Jeltsch, Odogu, Hennig – Ramsak, Harchaoui, Darvich – Herrmann, Moerstedt, Brunner

UNITED STATES: Beaudry – Harangi, Soma, Hawkins, Verhoeven – Habroune, Corcoran, Berchimas, Medina, Miller – Figueroa

U17 World Cup live: German U17 has to beat the USA on the way to the quarter-finals

22nd minute: The USA is always looking for the fast Berchimas. Left-back Hennig has so far had the winger well under control in conjunction with the two central defenders Jeltsch and Odogu and six Hachraoui.

20th minute: Is this Herrmann cheeky! The standard specialist circles a corner from the left towards the goal, but this time Beaudry grabs it safely. The US keeper is almost constantly challenged.

Incredible free kick from Herrmann! Germany leads against the USA

17th minute: Germany stays on the trigger! A long ball seems to reach Brunner, but it goes into the penalty area, where Beaudry is there.

14th minute: GOOD for Germany! Again it’s a set piece that puts our boys in the lead. Moerstedt is fouled on the right side of the penalty area and Herrmann grabs the ball. And how he grabs it. The offensive man circles the ball into the corner with his left – a goal like a Picasso painting!

Germany is off to a strong start! Brunner misses a mega chance, USA is lucky on the penalty spot

11th minute: Mega opportunity for Germany! Darvich crosses from the left half field and Brunner rises up in the middle. This time Beaudry reacts excellently in the US goal and scratches the ball from the left corner.

9th minute: This is your chance! US keeper Beaudry drops a corner from Herrmann and the ball is free in the six-yard box. Brunner shoots, but fails because of many defensive legs.

7th minute: Jeltsch loses the ball and the USA comes. But Odogu saves for his colleague.

5th minute: That has to be a penalty! Moerstedt plays a one-two with Herrmann and is then held in the penalty area by Verhoeven. He falls, but there is no whistle and the VAR does not intervene. The USA is very lucky, that looked very clear.

4th minute: The USA makes the first good attack. They are looking for Berchimas, their best goalscorer, who has already scored three times. But Germany’s defense can clarify.

2nd minute: The referee for today’s game is called Ming Fu and comes from China.

1st minute: Let’s go! Germany in white initially from right to left against Americans dressed in blue.

9:28 a.m.: In addition to Ouedraogo, Osawe is also missing from the starting line-up. The midfielder was ill and will be replaced by Ramsak – the regular striker will play in midfield today.

9:24 a.m.: The teams enter the field. First the hymns are played. All the German players have their hands on their hearts and are singing along – a nice picture.

9:08 a.m.: At the Jalak Harupat Stadium in Bandung, Germany’s U17s will start with four fresh players in the starting line-up compared to the 3-0 win over Venezuela: Jeltsch, Hennig, Herrmann and Moerstedt start for Dal, Kabar, von der Hitz and Osawe.

German U17 has to beat the USA on the way to the World Cup quarter-finals

Nine points, 9:2 goals and already in the knockout phase after two games – the German U17 national team’s record at the U17 World Cup in Indonesia is impressive so far. Coach Christian Wück’s team also scored three goals in each game.

The USA are now waiting for the Wück team in the round of 16. The US boys also quickly qualified for the next round after two wins, but then lost 3-0 to runner-up France. To make matters worse, captain Tyler Hall also received a red card and was missing against Germany.

Christian Wück’s team, however, has to do without Schalke’s Assan Ouédraogo. After he was substituted in the second group game against New Zealand, it was initially said that his injury was not serious. However, it has now emerged that he will not be able to play again until early 2024 at the earliest due to a tear in the anterior syndesmosis in his right foot.

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