Twitter to Increase Blue Pricing to $11 For iPhone App Users

Twitter Inc. has announced that it will make changes to the price of its Twitter Blue subscription product. Prices will be set at $11 if purchased on its iPhone app, while it will cost $7 on the website, according to the information, which was reported by someone briefed on the plans.

Reports said the move was likely a response to Apple Inc.’s (AAPL.O) 30% cut on iOS app payments.

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It is likely that the cheaper prices on the website are more likely to make more people visit it as opposed to using their iPhones. There was no mention of whether pricing would change for Android devices as well.

Musk, who has owned Twitter for six months now, plans to roll out the verification service after it’s initially launched in error, using a color-coded check to show who the individual is; an individual, a company, or a government.

Media asked Twitter, Apple and Google, which owns the Android operating system, for comments, but none of them responded immediately.

In a series of tweets last week, Elon Musk highlighted grievances against Apple, such as their 30% cut of in-app purchases.

As well as posting the meme, he also suggested going to war with Apple over the commissions.

Later, after speaking to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, the misunderstanding about Twitter being removed from Apple’s app store was sorted out.

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