“There’s blood everywhere”: Heidi Klum falls while filming a casting show

Current filming of “America’s Got Talent” ended with an injury for supermodel Heidi Klum: after a fall while recording a new episode, the 50-year-old had to be treated by doctors. On Instagram she lets her fans participate up close…

Heidi Klum has been on the jury of “America’s Got Talent” since 2006. While recording a new episode of the talent show, the 50-year-old suffered a deep cut on her leg as a result of a fall. Her colleague Howie Mandel now shares this on Instagram: In a video you can see Klum sitting at the jury’s desk while doctors treat a bleeding wound on her left shin.

“We are in the middle of the recording and suddenly it falls,” explains the comedian, while singer Mel B. summarizes: “There is blood everywhere.”

Heidi Klum is injured while filming: “It burns like hell”

While her jury colleagues were still frowning worriedly, the model mom was soon joking again in her usual relaxed manner. “I’m okay. I’m so glad no one saw this. “I lost half my toenail,” she warns her fans in a clip.

In her Instagram story, she lets her followers see up close how the doctors treat and glue the wound. “Are you kidding me? “It burns like hell,” she complains, whereupon one of the specialists states that the injury will definitely result in a scar.

On Instagram, the comment column under Mandel’s post is literally overflowing with wishes for a recovery: “Oh God, Heidi! I hope you’re doing well,” writes a concerned fan.

“Is she okay? “It’s definitely a bad pain,” worries another, while a third fan wishes a speedy recovery: “Oh no, that’s a big wound. Hopefully she gets back on her feet quickly.”

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