“The Pochers”: Oliver and Amira Pocher had Christmas plans together

It is the last joint episode of “The Pochers” with Oliver and Amira Pocher that fans will hear. This was recorded a few weeks ago. At that time the two were still talking about Christmas together.

Oliver (45) and Amira Pocher (31) made no secret in their podcast “Die Pochers!” that there was a crisis in their relationship. They also chose their format together in August to confirm that they had separated after just under four years of marriage. But another separation recently followed: The comedian announced the end of the joint podcast on Instagram. The last episode with the comedian and the presenter is, among other things, about whether they will celebrate Christmas together.

Oliver and Amira Pocher wanted to celebrate Christmas with Sandy Meyer-Wölden

In the last “The Pochers!” episode with both of them, which is now available exclusively on the Podimo platform and was recorded in September, Oliver Pocher initially makes several allusions to the separation.

It is then discussed whether the Pochers, who have two children, will spend Christmas together. “Yes, this year we are celebrating with the children, I guess,” the presenter is apparently not entirely sure. According to her, perhaps they will also spend the festival in a larger circle with Pocher’s three other children, who come from his first marriage to Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer-Wölden (40). “I don’t know what will happen next, Christmas,” replies the comedian. “Yes, we will spend Christmas together, hopefully – all of us. Olli, you know me.”

“We actually wanted to leave, too,” he then reveals. “Where? Who wanted to leave?” asks Amira. “Maybe we wanted to go on a safari,” he finally says. “So Sandy with the children and all of us together.” And Amira is welcome to come along. But on Christmas Eve she needs “cold,” says the 31-year-old. She would like to celebrate “with the family, everyone together” – with Pocher, all the children, Meyer-Wölden and his and her relatives. “Then let’s see who’s there,” he concludes the “indiscreet question.”

Oliver Pocher promises in the podcast intro: Things will continue “as usual”.

The new and last joint edition of the podcast was recorded several weeks ago, but the comedian also has his say in a short intro. “Hello and welcome to a new edition of the Pochers,” it says again this week. You may have noticed: Unfortunately, this will be the last issue with Amira – from the Pochers.”

“But there is also positive news,” reports Oliver Pocher. “Next week it will definitely continue as usual on Friday at this point. Look forward to it.” However, he has not yet provided any further details, such as whether the format will continue to be called “Die Pochers!”

Podimo had previously posted on Instagram under the heading “The Pochers! Update” announced: “As we receive many inquiries: We are in trusting communication with Amira and Olli and can assure you that both will remain part of the Podimo family.”

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