Russia falters in Bakhmut: British intelligence exposes weakness

As Ukrainian troops make progress, British intelligence reports a possible weakening of Russian positions in Bakhmut. However, a strategic dam remains a tricky point in the conflict.

Recent developments in Ukraine show that while Russian troops retain control of a railway line near, their defensive position in Bakhmut may be weakened. According to reports from Ukrainska Pravda, based on updates from British defense intelligence, Ukrainian forces have made significant progress since September 15. They would have secured the villages of Klishchiivka and Andriivka, which are only 8 km from Bakhmut.

Key position on dam

These strategic gains move Ukrainian troops closer to the T 05-13 road, a main supply route for Russian troops to Bakhmut from the south. However, Ukrainska Pravda emphasizes that Russia continues to hold a key position on an embankment along the railway line between Klishchyivka and T 05-13. This position is an easy obstacle to defend. Finally, Ukrainska Pravda points out that the deployment of Russian airborne troops likely weakened Russia’s defensive position around Bakhmut.

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