Prince Harry: After drug confession, he should disclose how he got his US visa

Mirror Reported, How Prince Harry’s (38) visa remains under Scrutiny after the Washington-based Heritage Foundation filed a Lawsuit against the US Department of Homeland Security. The organization is demanding the immediate disclosure of the Duke of Sussex’s American visa information. The reason for this: Prince Harry admitted to drug use in his memoir “Spare”.

Is Prince Harry’s US visa in jeopardy?

Prince Harry had written that he had used cocaine, mushrooms, and other drugs. This comes after Harry left the UK to start life with his wife Duchess of Sussex Meghan, 41, in California. However, admission of drug use is usually considered inadmissible when applying for a US visa.

As reported by Mirror, the new court filings read: “The question has been raised in the media as to whether the ‘DHS’ (Department of Homeland Security) properly recorded the Duke of Sussex, as he publicly disregarded the essential elements of a has admitted to a number of drug offenses both in the United States and abroad.” Under American law, such a person is not normally permitted to enter the United States. According to British media reports, the question arises as to whether the “DHS”, possibly wrongly issued an exceptional permit for entry.

US organization demands that visa data be disclosed

Given that the Duke of Sussex has admitted to drug use in the past, he may have been wrongly granted an exemption to enter the country on a nonimmigrant visa. As British media reports, the lawsuit against the US Department of Homeland Security aims to reconsider Harry’s entry permit in light of his recent drug admissions and to dispel all doubts with the publication of the visa data.

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