Pocher separation: Oliver’s marriage to Sandy also failed – the parallels to Amira

It seemed as if it was true love. But it has been clear since the summer that Oliver and Amira Pocher’s marriage has failed. This is not the first divorce for the comedian.

It has been clear for some time that Oliver and Amira Pocher’s marriage has failed. They both wanted so much to believe that the War of the Roses would not happen – also for the benefit of their two children. But since Monday at the latest it has been clear: that will not be the case. Oliver shoots against his ex on Instagram. The joint podcast is also history.

At first everything looked like a harmonious Pocher separation

A few weeks later everything seems completely different. On Tuesday (October 24th), Oliver unexpectedly announced on his Instagram page: “Due to the knowledge I have gained in the last few days and the resulting loss of trust, further collaboration with Amira is impossible. This ends our podcast with a final pre-recorded episode from September 11th next Friday.” His final line is a clear swipe at Amira, whose last posting consists of a lawyer’s letter: “I didn’t need a common lawyer for these two sentences (… )”

Oli’s marriage to Sandy Meyer-Wölden also failed

This is all very reminiscent of Oliver’s separation from his first wife, Alessandra “Sandy” Meyer-Wölden (40) – which, remarkably, was exactly 10 years ago. In 2013, you could read this sober statement on the comedian’s homepage: “We made the joint decision at the beginning of the year to end our partnership. Of course, we will continue to support each other in the future and raise our three children together.” But despite initial efforts, the parents’ relationship was considered tense even years after the separation. Only Amira managed to change this .

In 2020, when Amira, Sandy and Oliver appeared as a threesome on the cooking show ” Grill the Henssler “, Sandy said about her relationship with her ex-husband: “It wasn’t always easy. We had our ups and downs. (…) Thanks to Amira, we are on the right track.”

Oliver was abandoned by both women

But it’s not just the nature of the separation process that shows parallels. Oliver’s marriages were similarly short: the first marriage was a little more than two years, the second a little longer than three. Sandy was 30 years old at the time of the separation, Amira was 31. Both times there were or are small children involved. And apparently it was always the women who made the desire to separate. When the comedian announced the end of his latest relationship, he made it clear: “I didn’t want to separate from Amira.” A little later, he clarified this statement in an open letter to his wife: “Unfortunately, I didn’t make it last year “To give you what you hoped for from me.” At some point the point came where she no longer felt love for him. “That’s where I failed as a spouse.”

“Why did we break up anyway?”

Sandy and Oliver only had this much insight in 2021, when he was a guest on their podcast “Mom of 5 – Children, Chaos, Glamour”. “Why did we actually split up?” asked Sandy, who moved to Miami with their children after the separation, in it. Her ex-husband answered unusually hesitantly: “There wasn’t just one reason – the classic ‘we’re growing apart’ is perhaps also wrong. (…) You just weren’t happy in the relationship.”

As the conversation continued, the entertainer also claimed that Sandy’s relationships never last longer than seven years. The model, who is now separated from the father of his youngest two children, reacted with humor: “It actually seems like a curse. Conclusion: don’t get married anymore.”

Hopefully not Oliver’s conclusion after his last relationship broke up after seven years – because which future wife will then repair his relationship with Amira?

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