Penalty order against Marc Terenzi for sexual harassment of a minor

The public prosecutor’s office has been investigating Marc Terenzi since April. The accusation: sexual harassment of a minor. A penalty order has now been issued in this matter.

Serious allegations were made against Marc Terenzi (45) in April. His ex-girlfriend filed a complaint against him – he is said to have touched her 15-year-old daughter on the bottom in the apartment. The girl is also said to have been called “sexy”. The girl is said to have felt uncomfortable in the situation, whereupon the mother filed a complaint and took legal action. The public prosecutor then investigated sexual harassment of a minor.

According to “”, the Borna (Saxony) district court has now issued a penalty order in this case. The court decided on a fine of 20 daily rates of 50 euros each – i.e. 1000 euros. Terenzi’s lawyer has not yet commented on whether he will appeal the verdict. According to information from the news portal, Terenzi has not yet commented on the verdict.

Marc Terenzi has denied the allegations in the past

When the allegations became known in April, the singer spoke in an interview with “”. “I definitely haven’t done everything right in my life, quite the opposite. However, what I am being accused of here cannot be put into words. I will prove my innocence and hold the perpetrators of this slander accountable,” he said at the time.

“It is very important to me to make it unmistakably clear that I clearly and decisively reject the allegations against me,” he said at the time.

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