Oliver Pocher doesn’t attend his son’s birthday party

Father Oliver Pocher was also invited to Amira Pocher’s planned birthday party for their son. But he politely declines.

On November 11th, Oliver and Amira Pocher’s son turned four years old. Reason enough to pull yourself together as parents and celebrate a nice birthday. But Oli doesn’t show up on that day. The reason for this is still the icy atmosphere between mom and dad.

Father Oliver Pocher didn’t want to celebrate Amira’s birthday at home

In his podcast “The Pochers! Freshly Recycled”, Oli and his ex-wife Alessandra Meyer-Wölden also come to the topic of children’s birthdays in the third episode. At first it sounds as if Oliver Pocher was not invited, but he quickly denies this statement. Nevertheless, he imagined his son’s birthday to be different, not in his wife’s house. “I made several suggestions about what you could do for a child’s birthday.” But his suggestions, such as visiting an indoor playground or swimming pool together, were quickly rejected by Amira. She would rather have a “celebration at home.” An invitation was probably only given after Oli asked. According to Oliver’s statement in the podcast, Amira’s answer is said to have sounded quite harsh: “She then wrote: Yes, in the interests of the children, she would jump over her shadow and invite me.” After this statement, the birthday child’s dad refused.

Son should have a “harmonious birthday”.

This less courageous invitation probably showed Oliver Pocher that it would be better for the well-being of the children and the mood of the invited party guests not to appear at the birthday party. According to RTL.de, he instead visited a swimming pool with his children in the morning and then invited the two boys to McDonald’s. In the afternoon we went back to Mama Amira. “I also know that Amira is not in a condition at the moment where she can stand next to me in a halfway normal way, not with a pulse of 160, and then play it for two or three hours at a time,” reflected the 45-year-old, the tricky one Location. With a heavy heart, he then decided against attending the party because “the children simply deserve to have a harmonious birthday. And before cakes start flying around.”

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