Nostradamus Prophecy: Is Charles the Wrong Heir to the Throne?

The French pharmacist and astrologer Michel de Nostredame (1503-1566) became famous for his prophecies. To this day, these are regularly reinterpreted and often correspond to the truth. In 2005, the British author Mario Reading († 63) interpreted Nostradamus’ predictions in his book in such a way that Charles would not be accepted as king by the British people. The reason for this is said to be his unpopularity after the divorce from Princess Diana († 36).

Prophecy of Nostradamus: New Mysterious King

According to the prophecy, King Charles III. abdicate and the crown passes to a new “mysterious” king. But who is this mysterious heir to the throne? “DailyStar ‘ Quoted from the work of Mario Reading: ‘A man whom no one would expect to become king’. The next obvious heir to the throne after Charles would be Prince William (40). A king that nobody would expect would be Prince Harry (38). Whether Nostradamus is right with his prophecy this time will be seen on the day of the coronation ceremony.

Jean Harris

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