Millions in fraud: Ukraine fires “corrupt” cyber defense chiefs

Ukraine has, as “The Telegraph” reports fired two of its top cyber defense officials. This action follows allegations that officials Yurii Shchyhol and Viktor Zhora carried out a multi-million pound embezzlement scheme. According to The Telegraph, they are accused of inflating the value of a software deal by £1.4 million (about $1.7 million) for personal gain.

The layoffs come amid increased efforts by Ukraine to curb corruption. This is particularly relevant as the country seeks to become a member of the European Union, according to The Telegraph. The fight against embezzlement is an essential condition for starting negotiations.

Ukraine is fighting corruption

Ukraine’s National Anti-Corruption Bureau has charged four more people in connection with this embezzlement scheme, which is said to have occurred between 2020 and 2022, The Telegraph further reports. The Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine (SSSCIP), which was headed by those fired, is responsible for government communications and protection against cyberattacks.

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