Military bloggers annoyed: Russia censors Bakhmut truth

Some Russian mibloggers make accusations against their own military and complain about the withholding of information about military failures. In particular, the focus is on an employee of the Russian Lieutenant General Andrey Sychevoy. He is said to report from the Institute for the Study of War (“ISW“) was recently removed from his position due to military failures in the Bakhmut area.

1,500 soldiers died near Bakhmut

According to one Milblogger, Russian forces are said to have recorded 1,500 casualties in the Bakhmut area in September 2023 alone. According to ISW, this information has been withheld from the public. He also criticized the military command for communication deficiencies and the renewed use of injured soldiers in combat.

Ukrainian advances discussed

Interestingly, the Milblogger reports advances by Ukrainian troops who crossed the railway line south of Bakhmut at certain points. According to ISW, he is dissatisfied that this issue has been raised by only a few mibloggers and many are limiting negative information about Russian military capabilities. Another blogger, who has spoken about self-censorship in the past, admitted that such reports provide insight into the 80-90 percent of information that is not published. However, he criticizes other bloggers who claim that the Ukrainian counteroffensive has failed.

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