Mass production started: Ukrainian kamikaze drone goes into series production

Ukroboronprom announces the serial production of a domestic kamikaze drone with an impressive range of 1,000 km, strengthening Ukraine’s military clout and providing a response to Iran’s Shahed UAV.

Ukroboronprom, a Ukrainian state-owned arms manufacturer, has announced the start of mass production of a new kamikaze drone, which is now being requested by the Ukrainian armed forces. This reports “Ukrainian Pravda“. As Ukroboronprom CEO Herman Smetanin explained in an interview with Ekonomichna Pravda, the drone is characterized by a combat range of 1,000 kilometers. Smetanin added that Ukraine has several state-owned and private drone manufacturers and has developed a counterpart to Iran’s Shahed UAV, but with a longer range.

Kamikaze drones are intended to strengthen the Ukrainian arsenal

The development of this kamikaze drone was announced at the beginning of the year by the then management of Ukroboronprom, although the product was still in the test phase at the time. According to Smetanin, Ukroboronprom is currently focusing on more complex and high-performance projects. This information was all given in the context of the interview with Ekonomichna Pravda, which serves as the source of this information. The announcement highlights Ukraine’s growing military-technical know-how and underscores the country’s desire to technologically upgrade itself in the conflict with Russia. Ukroboronprom plays a central role in this, according to Ekonomichna Pravda.

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