Intimate insights into Robbie Williams’ life

A new documentary about Robbie Williams will be released on Netflix next November. A recently released trailer provides the first glimpses of the four-part series, which also shows previously unreleased material.

Robbie Williams (49) has been captivating audiences around the world for over 30 years. In a just released trailer for a four-part documentary series starting November 8th Netflix will be seen, the British singer emphasizes: “I was at the center of the world of pop culture.” In “Robbie Williams,” the now 49-year-old looks back on his life in the spotlight.

“It’s amazing what has happened in my life, but the past won’t let me go,” Williams explains in the clip. “You only do that at Peter’s gate to heaven, looking back on your life,” jokes the singer. Yes Despite all his successes, from his beginnings with the boy band phenomenon Take That to countless awards and sold-out stadiums to millions of records sold, there have also been dark sides in the past decades.

Robbie Williams: Intimate insights in his new Netflix documentary series

Williams had the feeling that he was “losing himself more and more” – to the point where he didn’t recognize himself. Besides, you can’t trust anyone when you’re in the spotlight. And he suffered a nervous breakdown in front of thousands of people. What exactly the singer is referring to is not yet clear from the trailer.

In the documentary series, Williams apparently won’t hold back on details. “Pandora’s box has been opened,” at least that’s what the trailer says. These words can be seen, among other things, recordings from concerts, from the recording studio or with his family. Williams has been married to Ayda Field (44) since 2010. They have four children.

Netflix announces that the documentary will feature previously unknown excerpts from the past 30 years. “Hundreds of hours of previously unpublished, intimate archive recordings” were available for the production.

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