Facebook Dating Now Requires Age Verification to Prevent Minors to Use

Facebook has just rolled out a new feature for its dating app: age verification. With this new feature, users must now prove their age before they can access the app and begin looking for potential matches.

This age verification process is designed to ensure that only users who are of legal age are able to access the app, providing a safer and more secure environment for online daters.

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Facebook Dating has introduced three years ago in the United States. The app allowed users over the age of 18 to register.

Facebook Dating will now ask for age verification when it suspects a minor is using the service. Users have to provide some sort of photo ID or video selfie as proof.

In turn, Yoti’s algorithm will use this information to estimate the age of the user based on facial features. After the age is verified, Yoti will remove the data and the user can proceed.

Despite this technology not being perfect in its ability to determine the age of an individual, it has been helpful in discouraging minors from downloading these apps.

In the past, Instagram was in the process of using different AI technologies to identify content appropriate for the different ages.

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