Cash for Rares: Saleswoman relies on Horst Lichter and is ridiculed

So you listen to the expert: A saleswoman took Horst Lichter’s advice and was promptly ridiculed in the sales room.

The dresser had been in the hayloft for 25 years, and “that’s the wrong place.” Horst Lichter immediately recognized this undisputed fact. Because even his “granddaughters would beat themselves up about it,” the presenter suspected in the Wednesday edition of the ZDF junk show “Bares für Rares”. But unfortunately the dealer team was not receptive to the crazy design object…

Horst Lichter, on the other hand, was enthusiastic about the “chic furniture”. Expert Detlev Kümmel would also have preferred to put the beautiful design object in his apartment himself. Seller Andrea from Rüthi once won the piece in a competition. It stood in the children’s room for a long time, she reported, and then in the hayloft.

According to the stamp, the furniture dates from 1990. The designer is Pierre Colleu, who probably designed the Mickey Mouse-shaped chest of drawers for the Starform company in the 1980s. Although the piece of furniture is only made of coated chipboard, Detlev Kümmel was particularly impressed by its well-maintained condition: “Almost flawless!”

1500 euros for the Disney property

The expert was also certain: “There are not only collectors of old furniture, but also lots of collectors of Disney-Objects.” Lichter nodded in agreement. Kümmel even knew of an object that had fetched 7,000 euros. “You can expect really exciting results here,” laughed expert Kümmel.

Kümmel valued the Mickey Mouse chest of drawers at 1,200 to 1,500 euros because “the theme is beautiful, the field of collectors is huge and furniture from the 80s is becoming increasingly trendy”. The saleswoman was astonished: “Really?” Her desired price was only 300 euros. Lichter was “extremely happy” and already pulled out the dealer card.

As a farewell, Lichter gave the saleswoman a tip: “If the dealers don’t like it, you can throw one in the way and say: ‘Someone like that has already been sold for 7,000.'”

Horst Lichter’s tip earns the saleswoman ridicule

“Oh, Mickey Mouse,” Steve Mandel groaned unenthusiastically at the sight of the dresser. The dealer waved his hand: “It’s not for me.” Colleague Wolfgang Pauritsch found the chest of drawers “beautiful” because it brought joy. But he didn’t want to offer more than 150 euros as a starting bid.

Pauritsch also had to admit that the piece of furniture actually only fits into a child’s room and doesn’t really fit into his store offerings: “I don’t normally buy furniture.” Fabian Kahl also shrugged his shoulders: “I have no idea how much something like that is worth. He only tentatively increased it to 200 euros.

The saleswoman then revealed the “much higher price based on the expertise” and caused great amazement among the dealers. “Oh, oh, oh,” gasped Thorsden Schlößner and Kahl asked: “This is a collector’s item?” Saleswoman Andrea said “yes” and then talked about the 7,000 euro object, as Lichter had advised her.

“I wouldn’t have thought”

“For that price there were gold coins in the top drawer,” laughed Pauritsch and only increased it to 500 euros. The designer’s name didn’t result in higher bids either, but rather raised question marks in the dealers’ room. “Pierre Colleu? “Never heard of it,” said Kahl, perplexed. In the end, Kahl’s bids reached 800 euros with a bang.

Pauritsch said with relief: “I think 800 euros is okay.” The saleswoman also seemed happy that she had found a buyer and thanked Fabian Kahl profusely. He was also taken aback: “I wouldn’t have thought I’d buy this thing now, that’s a lot of money for one mouse.”

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