Bloody End: Panic breaks out as Hamas attacks a music festival

A tragic attack shakes Israel: During the Supernova music festival near Re’im, a region in the south of the country, a violent attack was carried out by Hamas in which numerous people lost their lives. This reports “Sky News“. Israel’s Zika rescue service reported that at least 260 bodies had been removed from the festival site. Videos on social media showed people partying until late on Friday evening before the attack took place in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Tragic scenes during the attack

Other clips showed frightening scenes: people running through an open field while gunshots could be heard in the background. In another scene, according to Sky News, a young woman can be seen being forced onto a motorcycle and led away by men while she pleaded: “Please don’t kill me.” She was later shown sitting on it in an unknown location and drinking water .

Hostage taking and loss

Israeli officials said Hamas militants took at least 100 people hostage in the early hours of Saturday after breaching the heavily guarded border. The Israeli US Embassy said that women and children were among those arrested and that some hostage-taking situations were still “ongoing.” Both soldiers and civilians were arrested. Some were brought back across the border into Gaza, while others were paraded through the streets. Parents of people who are still missing reported shocking calls from their children at a press conference.

The world is looking forward to Israel

It remains unclear what impact this devastating tragedy may have on the ongoing conflict, but the eyes of the world are now turning to developments on the ground, awaiting further information and analysis. While the facts surrounding this shocking incident continue to be fully investigated, the situation remains tense and many people mourn the lives lost.

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