Bayern fans openly tell how constant success destroyed a lot of passion

In the important home game against RB Leipzig, many FC Bayern fans left the Munich Arena early. The action raised the question of whether and how the supporters of the German record champions have changed. That’s what the fan clubs say.

360,726 members in 4,513 official fan clubs worldwide (as of May 2nd): No other German football club can count on as many registered supporters as FC Bayern – a huge potential.

The fact that in the title race against Borussia Dortmund, such an extremely important home game against Leipzig, when the score was 2-1 in the 76th minute, the home spectators left the arena en masse, caused great irritation in fan club circles.

“Of course, we have little understanding for the early departure of fans, especially at a time when the game was still about everything,” explained Alexander Salzweger, spokesman for “Club No. 12”, when asked by the Abendzeitung.

To what extent has FC Bayern’s supporters changed?

The acute flight of fans in the title race is relaunching an old debate: Does the German record champion have this Self-bred audience in recent years, as Salzweger claims? In his eyes, many spectators are not cheering on the team: “The main grandstand was a disaster against Leipzig too!”

Has Bayern’s supporter base changed? And if so, how could this have happened? “I think that’s only due to the success,” said Bernd Hofmann in an interview with the evening newspaper.

For the president of the Nabburg/Oberpfalz fan club – which is the largest Bayern fan club in the world with almost 6,000 members – one thing is certain: “Of course it is easier to join a club that always or very often wins than to look for a club where you need passion and stick to it in good times and bad. I have never left the stadium before in my 50+ years and never will.”

“Should another club get the bowl so that Mia san mia comes back”

The 73-year-old reports of “would-be fans” who only come to see the team win, which he has absolutely no sympathy for: “Honestly, FC Bayern has celebrated the championship ten years in a row, now it should be too get another club the bowl so that Mia san mia comes back. “

The former Bayern professional and record national player Lothar Matthäus had immediately after the dismissal of the coach Julian Nagelsman sharp criticism of those responsible practiced on the management floor: “The mia-san-mia feeling is gone, warmth, cordiality and togetherness are missing, the atmosphere in the club is different. I know that many in the club think like that. All statements to Nagelsmann were nothing but lip service.

The discussion quickly picked up speed and culminated in one verbal exchange between Kahn and Matthäus respectively into one entertaining TV debate .

Bayern fan Maik: “I don’t want to experience anything like that again”

“I’ve been a FC Bayern fan for 40 years, but I don’t want to experience anything like that again,” says Maik Strasse about the current season. For the chairman of the Bavarian fan club Bavaria Lausitz in Cottbus, the “biggest mistakes of the top management” are directly related to the personal details of the coach Julian Nagelsman and Thomas Tuchel together.

Nagelsmann was far too inexperienced to get a grip on the Bayern team peppered with world stars, but Tuchel wasn’t the right person either, according to the 56-year-old: “He always had trouble with all his other clubs. He may be great as a coach, but as a person?”

The premature departure of many spectators in the home game against Leipzig also annoys Strasse: “But there was also a lot of disappointment because of the unrest in the team and the board. At some point it will bang. But I’m not angry if we get nothing now. After that you can talk tacheles.”

According to Norbert Walther, chairman of the Munich Bayern fan club section Westend, FC Bayern’s leadership has not acted “sovereignly” in recent months. The 69-year-old is also bitterly disappointed by the top management, which coach Nagelsmann fired “without good reason”.

Bayern fan Norbert: “We are also totally spoiled”

The fact that so many spectators streamed out of the arena long before the final whistle in the game against Leipzig led him to ask a counter question: “Are those the fans?” the spectators very much”.

The demand is high in view of the unmanageable following that tickets are insanely coveted. According to Walther, there is always speculation in fan circles as to whether the tickets for the games would not even be raffled off.

Of course, as a supporter of Bayern, you can be angry now because things are not going that way at the moment: “But we are also totally spoiled. It can also happen that the performance fluctuates. And no matter what millions the Bayern pros earn – on the pitch they are only human.”

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