Are promises of help broken? Ukraine looks worriedly to Germany

Germany’s planned support for Ukraine is in danger of failing. According to information from “Picture“Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner has earmarked insufficient funds for aid to Ukraine for 2024. More than five billion euros are said to be missing.

Detailed planning reveals gaps

An exclusive paper available to Bild shows that of the four billion euros earmarked for the Ukrainian army, 3.1 billion euros have already been reserved for previously promised measures and 770 million for the Foreign Office. This means that only around 120 million euros remain for new military projects in 2024.

Actual need significantly higher

However, the actual financial requirements significantly exceed this amount. The Ministry of Defense is expecting additional requirements from Ukraine amounting to 5.22 billion euros. Bild reports on specific items, such as 880 million for air defense or 2.34 billion for so-called endurance capability, which includes repairs, spare parts and logistics. In addition, 525 million euros for the renewal of the Bundeswehr’s material are not taken into account.

SPD demands compliance

Intensive negotiations will take place before the final adoption of the 2024 budget in November. Andreas Schwarz, responsible for the defense budget in the Budget Committee, emphasized to Bild the need for Germany to keep its promises. He expects Lindner to provide additional funds to support Ukraine until the final budget is passed.

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