Amazon To Shut Down Food Delivery Business in India

Amazon has announced that it will terminate a food-delivery firm it was testing in India, the Amazon company said on Friday, one day after the company reported it will shut down its online education portal in the country.

Amazon’s northern Indian city of Bengaluru was the site of a trial customer experience. As a consequence, the business has decided to discontinue the Amazon Food business.

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“As part of our annual operating planning review process, we have made the decision to discontinue Amazon Food,” a company spokesperson told Reuters.

These cancellations become progressively more consequential as the problem becomes more severe. We won’t be discontinuing the services we provide on a gradual basis as our situation evolves.

The Indian Economic Times earlier announced that the corporation would be discontinued from December 29 on, citing an email being sent out by its company to its restaurant suppliers.

Amazon Technologies announced on Thursday that it would shut down the Amazon Academy online learning platform in India that began last year, coinciding with the growing demand for online education during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

The uncertain global economic environment is resulting in Amazon reconsidering its global workforce, as the company announced it will lay off approximately 10,000 employees focused on technology and sales roles, according to Reuters.

The Amazon Academy provides online training to small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to build their e-commerce websites. The online training platform was launched in October 2018, targeting aspiring sellers on the company’s marketplace.

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