Alisha Lehmann received a 100,000 offer for sex from her soccer colleague

Swiss footballer Alisha Lehmann revealed in a conversation with rapper Shirin David that a male football superstar offered her money in exchange for a night with the national team player.

The Swiss national player Alisha Lehmann (24) has in Shirin David’s (28) web format “DirTea Talk“talked about an immoral offer that a prominent colleague from the football world is said to have made to her. Shirin David has apparently also had experiences with this person.

The story took place in a nightclub in the USA. “I was in Miami at my favorite place,” said the 24-year-old. There she received a message on her cell phone. When she didn’t respond, the stranger also wrote to her security to make Alisha an immoral offer. The message came from a “big name,” explains Alisha and continues: “I’ve met him before, but not in person. We were at the same event.”

Alisha Lehmann was offered 100,000 for one night

The footballer, who is under contract with English club Aston Villa, also revealed what the stranger had written. “I’ll pay Alisha 100,000 for one night.” The man’s agent also tried security and literally begged for a date with his client. However, the stranger bit the footballer, who was still upset afterwards: “Only 100,000?”

Of course, Shirin David wanted to know who it was and asked: “Are we talking about internationally known level?” When Alisha confirmed, Shirin asked if it was a footballer. Lehmann was cautious until the rapper said that she had had a very similar experience with a footballer whose name she also mentioned. This is how the two women realize that they were contacted by the same person.

The footballer’s name remains secret

However, the audience does not find out the name of the celebrity; the part in question was covered with beeping sounds. At least Shirin David says that the man didn’t offer her 100,000 euros. But the two blonde beauties can agree that the stranger probably likes the same type of woman – but apparently he always gets rejected.

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