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Monday, 24 July, 2017, 9:35 ( 7:35 GMT )
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  Libyan Parliament, Presidency Council Welcome Appointment of Ghassan Salame as UN Envoy  
The Libyan Parliament and the Presidency Council have welcomed the UN Security Council’s approval of Mr. Ghassan Salame saying that he could play an important role in bringing an end to the Libyan crisis.
  Ancient Treasure in Beautifully Preserved Roman Ruins in Libya  
Archaeologists have unearthed statues, elaborate mosaics and other treasures in a 1,700-year old villa in Ptolemais, about 100 kms east of Benghazi, a key trading port for the ancient Romans on the Libyan coast.
  Amid Calls for Excluding the National Army, UNSC Extends Arms Embargo on Libya  
The UN Security Council extended on Monday the arms embargo imposed on Libya since 2011 as some members demanded that the Libyan National Army which is effectively fighting terrorists in the country should be excluded.
  Wintershall to immediately Resume Oil Production in Libya, Adds 160,000bpd  
Libyan National Oil Corporation has announced that it reached an agreement with Wintershall of Germany on immediately resuming oil production that will increase output to a million barrel per day by end of next month.
  French Surveillance Plane Heading for Libya Crashes in Malta  
A plane crashed Monday morning in Malta killing all five French people including French customs officials who were heading for the city of Misrata in Libya.
  Army Brigade Vows to Fight New Italian Colonialism in Libya  
Italy could soon find itself entangled in another anti-colonial war on its doorsteps in its neighboring Libya which will cost it dearly in lives and definitely jeopardize its economic, political and cultural interests in this North African country for the foreseeable future.
  Italians Provide Weapons to ISIS in Exchange for Libyan Looted Art, Report  
Italian mob is on good business relations with ISIS in Libya providing weapons to terrorists in exchange for Libyan looted artifacts that go back to the Roman and Greek eras, thanks to NATO’s disastrous continuing intervention in the country.
  Oil Exports Up by 100% in Three Weeks Thanks to Libyan Oil Experts  
Libyan oil exports have now increased to more than 520,000 bpd since the Libyan National Army took control of all oil terminals in early September when total exports were about 200,000 bpd, thanks to Libyans’ expertise in the field.
  Kerry: US to Provide $6M in Humanitarian Assistance for Libyan People  
US Secretary of State John Kerry says Washington to provide $6 million in humanitarian assistance for the Libyans who have been displaced in Sirte and will be channeled through UN agencies.
  State of Emergency Declared in US City of Charlotte  
The governor of North Carolina has declared a state of emergency in the US city of Charlotte following protests over a black man killed by police as discrepancy in accounts of shooting fuels anger.
  NOC Libya to Get 310 Million Dinar to Meet Oil Production Expenses  
Libya’s National Oil Corporation chairman confirms that his company is to receive 310 million Dinar from the UN-backed Presidency Council as part of its much needed funds to meet oil production costs.
  Russia Sends Aircraft Carrier to Eastern Mediterranean  
As tensions deepens between East and West, Russia moves to beef up its military capabilities in the Mediterranean by sending an aircraft carrier that could help in Moscow’s efforts to combat terrorism in Syria.
  First Oil Tanker Leaves Libya for Italy from Ras Lanuf  
First oil shipment has left Ras Lanuf oil terminal in Libya on Tuesday night for Italy 781,000 barrels of crude opening the way for an expected large increase of oil exports from Libya and an improvement of the economic situation.
  Libyan Army Crushes a Militia Attack on Two Oil Terminals  
The Libyan army crushed an attack by militias affiliated with ISIS on the Es Sider and Ras Lanuf oil terminals and gained ground as it advanced west tooking control of the coastal towns of Bin Jawad, An Nawfalyah and Harawa, 60 kms of Sirte.
  Two Italians Kidnapped in Southwest Libya  
As Italy prepares to send up to 300 soldiers to Libya, two Italian nationals had been kidnapped on the road leading to the city of Ghat’s airport in southwest Libya. Italian officials say they are working with the maximum caution, bearing in mind how delicate the situation is.
  Libya Commemorates the 84th Anniversary of Hanging Omar Al Mukhtar by Italian Occupiers  
As Italy prepares to send 200 soldiers along with 100 medical support team and military hospital along with aircraft and warships to Libya to be stationed in the city of Misurata, Libya commemorates the 84th Anniversary of the death of the national resistance hero Omar Al Mukhtar.
  Libya Lifts Force Majeure at All Oil Ports, Resumes Exports  
Libya lifts force majeure at all its oil terminals and resumes exports thanks to its national army which liberated these strategic economic facilities from militias for three years. Oil exports could reach 950,000 by end of the year.
  Libyans to Hold Mass Demonstrations in Support of National Army, Reject Foreign Intervention  
Libyans to hold mass demonstrations and vigils on Friday all over the country to express their support for the Libyan National Army and its Commander General Khalifa Haftar, and to voice their strong rejection of foreign intervention in their country’s internal affairs.
  EU Demands Libya Oil Facilities Remain Under Control of UN-backed Government  
EU Spokesperson issued a statement on Monday saying oil terminals that were seized by the Libyan National Army from outlaw militias on Sunday to remain under “the sole control of the international recognized Government of National Accord”.
  Italy to Deploy First 200 Soldiers, Military Hospital in Misurata, Libya  
Speculations about Italian military intervention in Libya and official Italian denials have now come to an end as the government is about to announce that it is to send 200 soldiers to be stationed in Misurata along with a military hospital staffed by about 100 doctors and nurses.
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Wintershall to immediately Resume Oil Production in Libya, Adds 160,000bpd
Libyan National Oil Corporation has announced that it reached an agreement with Wintershall of Germany on immediately resuming oil production that will increase output to a million barrel per day by end of next month.

EU Extends EUBAM Mission in Libya, Approves €17M Budget
The Council of the European Union has extended the mandate of the planning mission EUBAM Libya until 21 August 2017. It also approved its budget of €17 million.

Production at Sarir Oilfield Suspended Due to Blockade at Hariga Terminal in Libya
A protest over wages that has shut the eastern Libyan oil terminal of Hariga has forced the operator of the Sarir oil field to suspend production of 100,000 barrels per day.

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