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Monday, 26 June, 2017, 16:56 ( 14:56 GMT )
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Opinion: An Unending War
By Joseph Success

"Indeed, Poverty is an unending war."

What ran through your mind? I mean when you read the title to this article. I'm sure you must have thought about physical gun battles among those who are selfishly using the less privilege and uneducated in society to fight for them or maybe, your thoughts were on those fighting the various physical gun battles in order to amass wealth or get political powers.

Hmm! The fact is when intellectuals, political leaders, business tycoons and aspirant of political posts with the intentions to accumulate more wealth and power, promote wars and violence, it is usually the innocent and the less privilege in society that suffer the most, even long after those war mongers and selfishly ambitious people are dead, made decision markers or what ever post of honour.

The saddest thing is that, those who are responsible for the suffering usually do nothing to improve the conditions of those that were used by them. The best they can do is victimize a would be leader, engineer, neuro-surgeon, just a few to name. But every second in a minute of every hour in a day, a war is being fought from every angle of the streets in every parts of the globe. And it is meanly in third world nations.

You do not have to be a specialist in the use of binocular to see the battling zones and those in the combat. Look around you. Consider the little kid you saw on bare feet in the street, the little girl who just begged you for some money and the other one across the traffic selling between those cars. They ought to be in school right? Yea, they should be getting some educations. Think about the teenager who was abused sexually and abandoned with unwanted pregnancy and all she has is that filthy rag she's wearing. She could be infected with Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) or Infections. But who cares anyway?

Look! Look! You saw that grown up fellow standing and talking alone? Oh! He is running fast like a horse in a race but ahead of it. He and those mentioned above, are all the rebelling forces in this Unending War. It chose them. They did not choose it and sitting to look forward with folded arms is like death sentence to them. If they fight with less effort, they won't pass any of the barriers posed by the forces that are meant to doom them. Their only way out is to fight to survive at all cost.

Indeed, Poverty is an unending war.
Think about those in the slums, the ghettoes, those under age progeny who eats in the dumpsites, some are sleeping in market places, under bridges, alone the pavement of streets, etc. you see the scavenger who makes himself available for work despite his salary being delayed, and his progeny are exposed to drugs, alcohols and sexual abuses. Their health is unprotected; their lives are totally unsafe and no future for them.

Consider the many youths of our continent that ply the risky but beautiful looking Sahara and embarked on a more risky journey like crossing the Mediterranean sea to reach Europe in their quest to survive the shackles of poverty. Their kids like those suffering kid mentioned in this article are bond to trek on the same path if their parents do not succeed.

Indeed, the fight against poverty is an unending war. What could be done? Let's think about it because it is real. Hmm! Please allow me to rest my pen for the next article.

About the author:
He is a refugee in Libya. His email is refugeega [at] yahoo [dot] com

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