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Friday, 27 November, 2015, 12:1 ( 10:1 GMT )
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Libya: Italian Restaurant at International Fair of Tripoli Receives Coveted International Recognition
01/03/2013 15:25:00
Mr. Joseph Cirina, owner of the Italian International Fair Restaurant seen accepting the National Convention Association recognition of his restaurant located in downtown Tripoli in Palermo, Italy.

Located in Omar Mukhtar Street in downtown Tripoli, the Italian International Fair Restaurant, has received the coveted international recognition by the Association Italian Maitres Restaurant and Hotels (AMIRA), the first time in Libya an Italian Maitre has been recognised by AMIRA.

The recognition is aimed at professional merits and the development of Italian gastronomy and tourism.

On Tuesday night, the Italian International Fair Restaurant of Tripoli, an historic restaurant, saw the major debut of its staff, the first ever in a restaurant in Libya, a Grand Master of the Italian Food recognizsd by AMIRA.

This important recognition, such as "Local by gold bowtie" was also achieved by the Italian Restaurant in November 2012, the only restaurant in the whole of North Africa that can boast of such recognition.

The award was presented to the Italian Restaurant owner Mr. Joseph Cirina at the National Convention Association AMIRA held in Palermo, Italy, by the Mayor of Palermo and the president of AMIRA.

The all-important debut of staff of Maitre Italian, the Italian Restaurant as part of its regular programme of culinary and social/cultural events, has hosted the dinner of the "Association of Libyan Graduates from Italy" (ALLI).

The dinner was entertained by live music organised by some members of the ALLI who studied music in Italy.

The restaurant’s Grand Master managed flawlessly all the service of the Italian Restaurant according to the best Italian tradition and dishes that are very loved around the world, including typical dishes of Italian cuisine, using products made in Italy of the highest quality and prepared according to the Italian Style.

All the guests were able to admire and see the work of excellent quality and service run by the newly employed Italian Maitre.

The dinner party showed the symbolic and strong bond that distinguishes the social and cultural relationship between both the Libyan and Italian peoples.

Hosting ALLI members by the Italian International Fair restaurant was an important event in the promotion of the association and the restaurant itself of which the management of the restaurant was rather happy to undertake.
je me vois ravi de lire cet article concernant le restaurant de mon ami Cirina, bravo, bonne continuation .
espérons d`autres innovations culinaires tres bientot.
ton ami de la Tunisie
This is the best way to build the new libya together.
Happy future for your restaurant Mr Giuseppe Cirina.
Un vero professionista, ha riportato la vera cucina italiana di qualità a Tripoli. Buon lavoro a Giuseppe e al suo team ... buon appetito a tutti voi!
I have been here. It really is a great restaurant.
Giuseppe sei forte mi domando come avrai fatto ciao graziano
Wellcome Mr Giuseppe
I wish more projects in Libyan
Until Libya Reached to the most beautiFul Form .
Libya with an Italian flavor
And bravooooo.
Abd alraouf Turky in Libya . tripoli . tajura
Bravo Giuseppe, auguri e buon appetito!
Andrea e Giusy

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