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Jotun Innovates Interiors Yet Again with the Launch of Lady Design
14/11/2013 13:29:00
Cutting edge collections and breakthrough products promises to surprise customers

November 4, 2013
Jotun understands that successful and continuous innovation is the key to growth. For Jotuninnovation means new and improved products, solutions and concepts that provide exceptional value and inspiration for their customers.

And with the launch of Lady Design Jotun revolutionizes the wall design paints segment with products and colour collections that empower customers to bring their own unique personality to life on their walls.

(Mohamed Hashem, The Marketing Expert) of Jotun, explains, “When it comes to the wall design paints segment, it’s crucial to be at the forefront of innovation and offer customers constant inspiration that’s always on trend. People want their homes to different, distinctive and more welcoming – they want guests to walk in, take notice and be impressed. And with the launch of Lady Design they now have the inspiration, the looks and the products they need to turn their walls into bold statements of style – allowing them to feel super proud of their homes.”

Along with two new product innovations, Lady Design offers six new collections that are based on the latest market needs and trends, and that were created in collaboration with renowned celebrity interior designer Mona Hussein.“When it comes to interior design it just made sense to collaborate with the one of the leading interior paint producers in the world,” explained Mona.“With Lady Design we’ve come up with a great idea, and created an alternative means to an end for today’s modern homeowners.The main elements of interior design are color and texture - and we have a concept that offers both in the form of contemporary wall paint techniques. Walls have a huge impact on the impression a space makes…they dictate the dynamic of a room. And with the Lady Design Collections you can bring your walls, and your individuality, to life.”

The six Lady Design Collections offer six distinctive worlds of style, colour, texture and inspiration – ensuring a look for every personality. The urban, art-inspired look of the Galleria Collection is authentic and dynamic. The rustic, nature-inspired look of the Natural Collection is as fresh as if the sun is shining inside the house. The rich, Arabic vintage inspired look of the Elegance Collection is sophisticated and brings a touch heritage at the same time.The calming, seaside-inspired look of the Oceanic Collection brings in serenity and tranquility. The cutting-edge, bold textures and colours of the Modern Collection is a daring statement to flaunt a status quo; while the timeless, ancient stone-inspired look of the Historic Collectioncelebrates cultures and glory.

Lady Design Colour Mirage and Lady Design Prestige are the two breakthrough product innovations that help bring the collections to life. Lady Design Colour Mirage is a transparent topcoat that sparkles and changes colour when the wall is viewed from different angles. It’s truly unique in the region as it uses a very special pigment, which no other brand is using.With the sparkling magic of Lady Design Colour Mirage, Jotun is offering the consumer a product that transcends the ordinary with a wall that’s ever changing and constantly transforming.

Precious metals are currently a huge global trend; and copper, gold, silver and bronze can be seen just about everywhere - from interior design, to fashion and to product design. Capitalizing on this trend, Lady Design Prestige is a luxurious, metallic topcoat that’savailable in six glittering colours (three shades of Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze).Lady Design Prestige has been hailed as the perfect product to add instant glamour to consumers’ homes as it can be used on larger areas or big walls to create a rich, opulent feeling, or a small amount can be used to create a subtle style detail.

From on-trend collections that allow consumers to express their distinct individuality, to state-of-the-art products that break new ground in design,Lady Design from Jotun promises consumers a new level of inspiration and creativity for their homes, and their lives.


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Jotun Innovates Interiors Yet Again with the Launch of Lady Design
Jotun launches Lady Design in Libya and revolutionizes the wall design paints segment with products and colour collections that empower customers to bring their own unique personality to life on their walls.

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