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Bishop Reported Saying Christians Forced To Leave Libya
02/02/2013 18:45:00

Christians are being driven out of eastern Libya by Muslim fundamentalists, the Catholic Church's main clergyman in the country, Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli Giovanni Innocenzo Martinelli has said.

In an interview with the Vatican missionary news agency Fides, Bishop Martinelli hjas been reported saying that the situation was "critical" and the "atmosphere very tense" in the Cyrenaica region.

He is reported saying that two religious communities are leaving "after being pressured by fundamentalists", adding that the Apostolic Vicar of Benghazi was cautioned to take shelter ahead of a large-scale demonstration on February 20.

"In past days, the Congregation of the Holy Family of Spoleto who had been there for nearly 100 years were forced to abandon Derna," east of the main eastern city of Benghazi, he said.

Reports indicated that in Barce (located between Benghazi and Derna) the Franciscan Sisters of the Child Jesus will leave their home in coming days.
This country is already in the hands of the Christians. Muslims are puppets. Libya is to be next Palestine soon...within a decade...but our brothers Libyans do not read the history. They will repeat the history by licking feet of others.
What do you expect. Eastern Libya is filled with Islamists of the worse kind. At least Gaddafi kept them under control.

Libya is not in the hands of Christians. Creatures like David Cameron pretend to be Christians, but they don't represent Christianity. They are gangsters who get away with everything because the population has no clue what they're doing and no one can hold them accountable.
Everyone should be careful and try to live in peace. This country has enough sources for everyone.
Libya has gone from the frying pan into the fire it seems.
Libyan should recognize Christians, please Please please. Gaddafi you called number one enemy recognize Christians when he was alive.....
Khalid “take it easy!” where do you get this information? Wait, I know you have been misinformed living under a system that corrupted the minds of millions. Pray for yourself brother and, ask Allah to clear and filter the filth that previous regime embedded in your little head.
Islam and the prophet (SAAWS) teaching have a high respect for the people of the book (Judaism and Christianity). Read the prophet (SAAWS) story regarding the dealing with the people of the book. Let’s follow the prophet (SAAWS) footsteps. The prophet (SAAWS) was so kind to his Jewish neighbor despite of the harsh treatment the prophet (SAAWS) got from this neighbor. When the prophet (SAAWS) was worried about the wellbeing of his companions he sent them a Christian king to seek shelter. Let’s be examples to represent our faith by following our prophet (SAAWS) teaching and watch our Manners. Remember the prophet (SAAWS) was sent to improve the manners of mankind.
Very well said, Brother Nor Massaud. The best way to show the others about the goodness and kindness Muslims is to follow the Hadeeth of the Prophet (SAW). Hate would not resolve anything, peace will be far from reality. But with LOVE and RESPECT to everyone regardless of race and religion; peace will reign in the lands. Let's all start from ourselves and make it a part of our daily lives.
too all non christian, may i remind you that there are christian nations all over the world that Muslims are also enjoying their lives like any other people belonging to other religions. the teaching is LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

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