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Libya: Company Takes Measures to Stop Communication Facilitiesí Vandalism
04/01/2013 23:53:00
Hatif Libya Co technicians work on repairing a fiber-optic cable at a location near Souq Al-Thlath area in downtown Tripoli.(photo: Tripoli Post, Sameh Saraj)

Tripoli- Vandalism against internet cables in Tripoli last week have brought the huge problem of internet service in Libya up to forefront and raised questions as to the slowness of the government in facing such problem once and for all.

Vandals cut a fiber-optic cable at a location near Souq Al-Thlath area in downtown Tripoli which lead to a crash in local and international phone lines and in internet service for five hours in the whole country.

However, according to officials at Hatif Libya Company, a subsidiary of the Libyan Company for Post, Communications and Information Technology (PCIT), measures are being undertaken to protect the communication network.

In contrast to initial reports that attributed the communications' cut off to a fire in a garbage dump nearby, the Assistant President of the Board of Directors of Hatif Libya Co., Mr. Hussain Mohamed Tuwaileb, said the real cause was vandalism that occurred in the inspection holes of the marine cable.

Speaking to Anba Libya on Wednesday, Tuwaileb said it was not the first time that vandals targeted the underground communication cables.
But his company is taking all necessary measures in order to protect these strategic facilities, he added.

He said Hatif Libya has already corresponded with the Interior Ministry about the need to regularly patrol the venerable areas.
He also said that his company had asked related government agencies for providing night lighting sidewalks in these areas to enhance security of communication facilities.

Tuwaileb also said that Hatif Libya has decided on establishing alternative routes as soon as possible among which the allowing the passing of cables through the Military College for Girls in Tripoli with a secured access to the sea.

He also told Anba Libya that Hatif Libya has signed a contract with the Chinese Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd to establish a project aimed at protecting marine communication cables which will be finished in three months.
It's been 2 weeks since I have been able to get a phone call in to Benghazi on anything approaching a consistent basis.

I usually call Benghazi 3-4 times per day. Now I am calling 20-30 times per day, and I am only getting through to the person that I am trying to reach every 2-3 days.

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