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Libyan Prime Minister Nominates His Government Line-Up
30/10/2012 12:32:00
Libya's Prime Minister, Dr Ali Zidan, has nominated his cabinet

Libyan Prime Minister Dr Ali Zidan presented his government line-up to the General National Congress for approval on Tuesday, saying he had formed a “coalition government” that included representatives from the country’s two major political parties, but surprsingly only two woman.

Announcing his cabinet line-up to the congress in a televised session, Dr Zidan revealed that he has nominated Libya's ambassador to the United States, Ali Aujali, for one of the most important portfolios, the foreign minister,y. Another important portfolio, as oil minister, has gone to Abdelbari al-Arusi.

In nominating his government, the new PM said that no region has been favoured over any other, but the whole nation has been favoured in a cabinet that is made up of 27 ministers, including three deupty prime ministers. He added that any member forming part of the cabinet would be replaced if he did not perform. Zeidan appointed three deputy prime ministers.

Mr. Ali Zaidan confirmed that the current deputy ministers will continue their ministerial duties temporarily until the new ministers receive their positions in the new government. He stated that he had spent the previous two weeks working day and night in order to form the new government and submit it to the GNC.

He added “I tried to feel the pulse of the nation from all aspects and avoid anything that could provoke controversy, taking in mind the geographical issue which is very important in order for the nation to be present in government with all its parts”.

Mr. Zaidan announced that he called and consulted all the parties and invited them to join the new government.

The two women in the list, Ikram Abdulsalam Imam, and Kamila Khamis Al-Mazini, have been nominated for the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Another important portfolio, the Defence Ministery has gone to Mohammed al-Barghathi, while Ashur Shuwail has been named as Interior Minister and Ali al-Fasi as Finance minister.

He pointed out that these posts, along with the Foreign and Justice Minister portfolios are to be occupied by independents who were not affiliated to any party.

Prime Minister Dr Ali Zidan, who replaced his predecessor, Mustafa Abushagur, who was dismissed in a vote of no confidence after his choice of government ministers was rejected, said that the two biggest parties in the GNC after last July's election, the liberal National Forces Alliance and the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the Justice and Construction Party, are both represented in the proposed government.

The nominated cabinet includes three deputies and 29 ministers and secretaries.

The Congress will still have to vote on the proposed line-up, which is:

Prime Minister: Dr Ali Zidan
1st Deputy Prime Minister: Mr Sadiq Abdulkarim Abdulrahman Karim
2nd Deputy Prime Minister: Mr Awad Al-Barasi
3rd Deputy Prime Minister: Mr Abdussalam AlMehdi Al-Qadi
Minister of Foreign Affairs : Mr Ali Sulaiman AlAujali
Minister for International Cooperation: Mr Mohamed Imhamid Abdulaziz
Minister of Justice: Mr Salah Bashir Abaj Margani
Interior Minister: Mr Ashour Suleiman Salah Shuwail
Minister of Defence: Mr Mohammed Mahmoud Mousa Al-Barghati
Minister for Oil: Mr Abdulbari Ali Al Hadi Al-Arusi
Minister of Health: Mr Nurideen Abdulhamid Dagman
Minister of Finance: Mr Alkilani AbdulKareem Kilani Al-Jazi
Minister of Economy: Mustafa Mohammed Abufunas
Minister of Electricity: Ali Mohammed Imhereeg
Minister of Water Resources: Mr Alhadi Suleiman Hinshir
Minister of Education: Mr Mohammed Hassan Abubaker
Minister of Higher Education: Mr Abdulasalm Bashir AlDwebi
Minister of Culture: Mr Habib Mohammed Al-Amin
Minister of Housing: Mr Ali Hussein Al-Sharif
Minister of Agriculture: Mr Ahmed Ali Al-Orfi
Minister of Industry: Mr Sulaiman Ali Al-Lteef Al-Fituri
Minister of Tourism: Ms Ikram Abdulsalam Bash Imam
Minister of Social Affairs: Ms Kamila Khamis Al-Mazini
Minister of Labour and Retraining: Mr Mohamed Fitouri Ahmed Sualim
Minister of Transport: Mr AbdulQadir Mohamed Ahmed Al-Ayib
Minister of Religious Affairs : Mr Abdulsalam Mohammed Abusaad
Martyrs and Missing: Mr Sami Mustafa Al-Saadi
Minister of Local Government: Abubaker Al-Hadi Mohammed
Minster of Planning: Mr Mahdi Ataher Genia
Minister of Communications: Mr Osama Abdurauf Siala
Minister of Sports and Youth: Mr Abdulsalam Abdullah Guaila

State Ministers
Minister for GNC Affairs: Mr Muaz Fathi Al-Kujah
Minister for the Wounded: Mr Ramadan Ali Mansour Zarmuh
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