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Italy Monitoring Situation in Bani Walid
28/10/2012 13:34:00
Italy's Minister for Foreign Affairs Giulio Terzi has instructed the Italian diplomatic authorities in Libya to monitor developments in the humanitarian situation in Bani Walid, where, according to reports, the toll of the clashes there stands at approximately 25 dead, over 400 wounded and more than 25,000 displaced.

Acting on the minister’s instructions, Italian Ambassador to Tripoli Giuseppe Buccino recently had a meeting with the president of Libya's National Congress, Mohammed Magharief and a number of Libyan political leaders, during which he expressed Italy’s strong hope in the timely formation of a national reconciliation government, underscoring that full respect for human rights was a necessary requirement in the pursuit of a new democratic Libya.

Italy's Foreign Ministry said that Italy is willing to supply the maximum in humanitarian support to the population of Bani Walid once the conditions on the ground permit.

Responding to Libya’s request, Italy has made treatment in Italian hospitals available to a significant number of wounded. At the same time, the Libyan authorities expressed high expectations for the facilitated entrance of humanitarian organisations into Bani Walid, particularly the International Red Cross.

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