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Libyan President of National Congress Condemns Killing of US Ambassador
12/09/2012 16:53:00
Libya's Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keib (R) and Head of the national assembly Mohammed Magarief attend a news conference in Tripoli September 12, 2012.

Tripoli-- Libyan President of National Congress (NG) condemns the killing of the American Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens in Libya as a result of an attack on the American consulate in Benghazi.

Reading a statement at a press conference in Tripoli this afternoon Mohamed Magariaf, the President of NG, said that the National Congress and the Transitional Government “condemn the criminal aggression” on the US consulate.

“On behalf of the The presidency of GC, Government and the Libyan people we offer deep condolences to the American government , people and the families of the ambassador and other victims,” the statement said.

The statement also said Libya “confirms the strong relations between the Libyan and American peoples which has been further cemented as a result of the US government’s support of the 17 February revolution.”

“While we strongly condemn any attempts of insult the person of the Prophet and our sanctities or tampering with our beliefs,” we reject the use of force and terrorizing innocent civilians, said Magariaf.

He said the criminal act coincides with the those attempts by pro-former regime to destabilize the country and preventing the newly elected national congress to form a new government and run the country democratically.

Magariaf cited the extraditing of Abdulla El-Senussi from Mauritania, the former Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, a few days ago and said the attack is part of anti democracy elements.

He said measures have been taken to hunt down the perpetrators and face justice.

He confirmed the killing of the US ambassador and three others and the wounding of a number of people whom he did not name.

When asked about the nationalities of the other he said he did not know.

Unofficial reports said that one of guards could be holding a Malian nationality.

The alleged movie insulting the prophet Mohammed, if indeed it exists,
is utterly shameful. No American in his right mind promotes or
applauds this sort of insult to Islam. All Americans -- or at any
rate, the vast, vast majority of them -- deplore in particular the
idiotic, megalomaniacal preacher in Florida who apparently loves
nothing more than to stir up hatred and violence, by promoting this
movie (which no one in the U.S. had heard of until yesterday) and
other gratuitous insults to those who do not share his particular
unhinged world view. This man and his allies do not represent America
in the least -- just as I am sure the angry men who killed the U.S.
ambassador in Tripoli do not represent the views or intent of average
Libyans. May there be peace, understanding and tolerance, not hatred,
between our two nations.
How do the people that attacked the ambassador justify or rationalize their behavior? The media here characterize the behavior as being justified by their belief in Islam. Really?
What a strange way of looking at Obama. I totally not agree with the notion that he is playing god. The US is not an authoritarian state. The president cannot just do as he pleases without the backing of the congress. To remind you, it was not Obama who had started the war on terror. It started with Bush. One can disagree with such foreign policy but any kind of policy whether inside or outside is part of a chain of events and people reacting to it and is not an independent decision. Living freedom also means living with freedom of expression. This implicates that we also have to tolerate other opinions no matter how stupid and insulting they are. Just imagine (wherever you live) if you were picked up by the police tomorrow because of insulting the American president. You wouldn't want that would you? The film offered a window of opportunity to groups that are not at all interested in a free Libya. In any war certain groups have profited greatly from instability. Freedom and Democracy in Libya can mean a threat to their PERSONAL interests. I would like to see Libya stabilize and become a strong member of the international community. It is a country that has so much to offer. Don't just believe everything you hear or read. Engage in critical thinking and learn to respect other people's opinions no matter how controversial you find them.
I dont feel Obama should be blamed.The real blame goes to the ungrateful Libyan people for betraying those who helped them to bring the vital change to their country.This is not a pro Gadaffi a plot it is from the national transitional extremist side.Libyans will see peper drones will be deployed against you and you will fight against an invisible enemy.
I dont feel Obama should be blamed.The real blame goes to the ungrateful Libyan people for betraying those who helped them to bring the vital change to their country.This is not a pro Gadaffi a plot it is from the national transitional extremist side.Libyans will see peper drones will be deployed against you and you will fight against an invisible enemy.
I see someone again blaming President Bush. The war on terror starts right at the heart of the terror, the now dead Osama Bin Laden. He and his kind continue to spread DEATH bk killing innocent men, women and children with no remorse. They do this all in the name of Allah. This is a joke. No religious leader should ever expouse killing the way that Al Qaida is doing. Mohammed is turning over in his grave seeing this dispicable killing of innocent Muslims.
I do not blame Bush for reacting to 9/11. I just said he had started the "war on terror" (leaders are expected to react in one way or another if something like that happens). However, terrorism as it is understood today (undermining state security) is nothing new. There have always been people who wanted to change existing power relations; and there have always been poor, powerless people who saw in such behavior a way out of their misery. My plea here is only that people should be careful with their opinions being highjacked by groups that are not at all interested in a free and strong Libya.
My condolences to the Ambassador’s family and the families of our slain Marines.
A little over a year ago, the death of Muammar Qaddafi prompted a presidential speech by Obama, boasting the successes of American leadership.
On the same day that Qaddafi was killed, a U.S. District Judge dismissed the suit brought by Representatives Dennis Kucinich, Walter Jones and other congressmen against Obama for violating the Constitution and the war powers act in conducting military operations against Libya without Congressional authorization. Since that time Obama has conducted one illegal war after another and has even authorized the assassination by drones of American citizens. His actions are leading the world to a new world war, a thermonuclear war which no nation will survive. Watch and circulate“Unsurvivable” http://larouchepac.com/unsurvivable
“Unsurvivable” is a stark documentary of the horror of the thermonuclear war to which President Barack Obama is currently leading the world. It is a dark, gruesome, but wholly true depiction of the threat of thermonuclear war, the consequences, and Obama’s deployment of a major portion of the U.S.thermonuclear arsenal in multiple theaters threatening both Russia and China.
I cannot agree with you more.My condolences to the ambassador,s family.This obama policy of attacking free country and killing world population as and when he likes has to come to an end.He is playing god and many americans lives will be in danger.All american presidents likes to kill innocents civillian in the pretax of coleteral damage in order to kill one wanted man/life.Be human please dont kill or start the killing.Your country is the most hated country in the world now.Do you know obama that you are the worst president any country want to have?Stop the killing man.Have mercy.
This is a time where the Lybian people have to learn the TRUE meaning of FREEDOM. Freedom means that you have the choice of how to live your life, the religion you belong to and you should not fear for your life if you do not belong to the dominant religion. The Muslim world MUST learn to accept this it they expect to be a part of the free world. Once you have freedom, it must be protected for all.

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