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NFA Leader, Jibril Calls for Creation of Coalition Government in Libya
09/07/2012 10:08:00
Counting continued throughout the night after Libya's first free election for 60 years

As election results are due to be published on Monday, Mahmoud Jibril, who spent months acting as prime minister in the national Transitional Council, NTC, during last year's conflict in Libya, has called for the political parties that contested Saturday’s election in Libya to back the creation of a grand coalition government.

Jibril declined to comment with Reuters on speculation that his National Forces Alliance (NFA) of around 60 parties was leading Islamic groups including the political wing of Libya's Muslim Brotherhood.

He was quoted saying: "We extend an honest call for a national dialogue to come altogether in one coalition, under one banner ... This is an honest and sincere call for all political parties operating today in Libya."

He went on to say that in Saturday's election there was no loser or winner ... “Whoever wins, Libya is the real winner," he told a late-night news conference on Sunday.

He rejected descriptions of the NFA as secular and liberal, saying a commitment to tenets of Islamic law was among its core principles.

Some of the groups are said to be studying the call.

The turnout at Saturday's election amounted to around 65 percent, with nearly 1.8 million of 2.8 million registered voters casting their ballots, while out-of country voting has proven to be very successful. The vote marks the first time in 60 years that Libya has held a free election.

Reports indicate that two people were killed as protesters in eastern Libya sought to disrupt the vote they see as a power grab by Tripoli and the west region. In the same part of the country, local protesters stormed four voting centres, while local gunmen demonstrated blocked three main ports at at eastern oil terminals before the vote.

However, both UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and US President Barack Obama hailed the "peaceful, democratic spirit" of the vote, with Mr Obama saying he looked forward to working with the new Libyan leadership.

The UN envoy to Libya Ian Martin praised the election process: "Very satisfied with the way the tally centre has been established and I think the Libyan people should have the confidence that just as it's been a fair poll, it will also be a fair count."

Mr Martin told The Tripoli Post: "It is clear that the election was a major achievement and proved to be a great election."

Although the election commission did not have enough experience or equipment, and had only a short period of time for preparations, "the organisation of the election was extraordinary," he said.

He also praised candidates in the election for campaigning and for abiding by a code of conduct.

Many easterners are furious that their region, was only allotted 60 seats in the new assembly compared to 102 for the western region.

Jibril, who declined to specify what role he saw for himself in Libyan politics, said there should be a serious dialogue (with the east). “As there is a sincere wish on their part and on our part I think we can reach a compromise." he said.

Meanwhile, vote counting continued overnight in Libya as voters have selected a 200-member assembly that will choose a cabinet and also pick a new prime minister.

I think you guys are day dreaming, Libya will be in in serious problems for the foreseeable future. A lot of things went wrong in Libya during the fake revolution supported by the enemies of Islam, besides, Libyans are not the friendly people you are talking about, they are savages.
Libya is going to be the number one place for tourism,you just wait and see.Beautiful beaches, best hotels and restaurants and all the best tourist clubs will be there like Club Med,ect,ect
@ Mahmud,I agree with you completely,Libya has got the biggest and most beautiful beaches in the world,it is rich in culture,like the roman ruins and most of all the people are friendly,so that should make it a number destination for tourism.

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