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Tuesday, 23 May, 2017, 13:45 ( 11:45 GMT )
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80% of Elgible Voters, Over 4,000 Candidates Register for Libya's June Election
23/05/2012 14:46:00
Dr. Ali Askar Director of the Central administration High National Elections Commission

Dr. Ali Askar Director of the Central administration High National Elections Commission, ENEC, said that the number of registered voters at the end of the registration period of 21 days has reached 2, 977,712 voters, which represents 80% of the of 3.4 million of the electorate that is eligible to vote in the June 19 elections.

Mr. Askar also said that the number of candidates for election has risen to 4,013. They include 2,639 independent candidates. Of the rest, 374 candidates represent listings and political entities who were registered during 17 days

The HNEC has given Libyan citizens 48 hours in which to challenge the candidacy of anybody on the list of names to be published between May 23-25.

The HNEC also pointed out that as of May 23, and up to May 27, the Commission will start publishing the names of voters at the registration centres in order to enable voters to make sure that their data is correct.

UN Envoy to Libya Praises Successful Conclusion of Voter Registration

Meanwhile, The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya and Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Mr. Ian Martin, welcomes the successful conclusion on May 21 of the voter registration process for the upcoming elections to the National Congress in Libya.

The UN envoy said in a statement: “Today’s accomplishment is a major milestone and a source of pride for the Libyan people who endured 42 years of denial of political rights.”

Hailing the announcement by the Higher National Electoral Commission, HNEC, that 2.7 million people of voting age have registered to cast their ballots, Mr Martin said the figures were a testimony to the commitment of Libyans to their country’s democratic transition, and a recognition of their sacrifices in the struggle for freedom and democracy.

Mr. Martin said he is also encouraged by the huge interest on the part of political entities to register for the election, which he said is a further reflection of the Libyans’ desire to create a new political environment and culture based on pluralism.

Mr. Martin commended the Higher National Electoral Commission for the hard work and commitment in ensuring a smooth and efficient voter and candidate registration process. He also recognises the Libyan authorities’ efforts in providing overall support to this process.

“This has been a huge challenge and undertaking in terms of logistics and security planning, particularly in the context of Libya’s post-conflict transition and the fact that there has been no electoral experience in over four decades,” the Special Representative of the Secretary General said.

Mr. Martin expressed confidence that the Libyan people will continue to exhibit the same spirit and commitment over the coming weeks in the lead up to Election Day. He stressed that the United Nations will continue to support the Libyan people, reiterating UNSMIL's commitment to assist them in their endeavours to build a new Libya.

Mr. Martin also took the opportunity to congratulate the people of Benghazi for taking the initiative to organise and hold an election for their local leadership in a conducive environment. “This is a further indication of the Libyan people’s thirst for representative democracy at all levels of government,” he said.

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