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Libya: 118 Year Old Lady Registers to Vote in Libya
17/05/2012 22:11:00
Photo: 118 year old Nuwara Faraj Fahajan holds her vote registration card high in her right hand and the Victory sign by her left for the media and the admiring gathering to see, May 16 2012.

Zliten, Libya— Registration for voting in Libya is injecting new energy in all age groups in the country and providing them something to celebrate all over the two million square kilometers of national territory.

One of those happy individuals who insist to participate in the coming national elections on June 19 is a 118 year old Nuwara Faraj Fahajan who asked members of her large family to take her to the registration station nearby.

She got her demand met and after a few minutes she held her registration card high in her right hand and the Victory sign by her left for the media and the admiring gathering to see.

Nuwara was born in the year 1894 in the city of Zlitn, about 100 kilometers east of Tripoli. She is upbeat and well aware of what she is doing and the world around her.

Libyans are enthusiastic about participating in voting in the coming elections as the whole process of registration that started on 1 May is providing the greatest majority of the population with a rather new feeling that they never experienced before.

Over two million have so far registered to vote in Libyan as of 15 May 2012. Registration for vote period has been extended another 7 days after its previous deadline of May 15.

Nuwara like other Libyans is waiting for the election day when she will again ride a car, enter the polling station and cast her vote to those whom she believes would serve the country best and make her future brighter and promising.

Well done Jiddah. She may possibly be the oldest living person in the world. Her family must bring this to the attention of the Guiness Book of World Records for verification. May Allah continue to bless her with good health, inshallah.
The spirit of little over century old lady clearly indicates that she has been longing to caste her vote (which she never did in her past life), for a better rule in Libya.
Let rest of the citizens of Libya exercise their vote and elect a good gevernance!
All sounds good but nobody has really gone out and asked people in general their thoughts on this.....Seems we are fed the thought that all is going well and rosy but the sad truth lies elsewhere...Many young youths upon questioning them about their decision to vote have stated that they believe it to be a waste of time. To my surprise their resentments included that they fought and lost their mates for nothing as the candidates in question are either Libyans who were living la dolce vita abroad on Gadafi's payroll or ones who fled the country when war broke out .... I am so sad at stating this but believe that not all that glitters is indeed gold . Our weak government must convince our beloved youths of not losing hope and trust that their say must be heard for they have a huge stake in the future of LIBYA and without them we are of no value ..... United we stand for a brighter,democratic and peaceful LIBYA ....Blessings

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