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Tuesday, 1 December, 2015, 7:36 ( 5:36 GMT )
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Libya: Trash Crisis Engulfs Interim Government in Tripoli, Exposes Its Weakness
16/03/2012 01:53:00
The Libyan interim government of Prime Minister Abdurrahim El-Keeb is facing a rather unexpected challenge that might create much trouble for it if not brought under control very soon.

It is the growing trash crisis in the country's capital, Tripoli, which has become a sign of the weakness of the interim government and its inability to take quick actions towards solving many problems in Libyan cities and towns.

Trash is spread and accumulated everywhere in the capital, as well as in other cities and towns, while both the Local Council and the government ministers are watching the problem growing without doing anything to solve it.

This unacceptable situation has generated so much criticism of the interim government and in turn has eroded the trust of the people in it in a way that NGOs are preparing to challenge the government and put it into a test on Saturday March 18 when a huge demonstration is to be held in front of the Prime Minister’s office in downtown Tripoli.

The Cleaning Up Tripoli team (The Cleaning Revolution), a concerned group of Tripoli residents, will be holding a demonstration in front of the government building (Prime Minister's office) in Triq al Sika at 11.00am until 2.00pm.

The demonstration will demand that the government takes drastic action to solve the garbage problem that has caused an environmental disaster in Tripoli, and call on the people to be aware of the size of the disaster that's threatening the capital and Libya in general.

Along with organising such demonstration on Saturday, the group is also interested in tackling the growing trash crises in the city. It has set up a team to combat the ever accumulating environmental issues in the city through social media, the traditional media, cleaning campaigns and other mediums to raise awareness for proper trash disposal and conservative energy use.

The group is calling on all activists to review the Facebook event invitation at: http://www.facebook.com/events/145825295540733/

All should cooperate to solve the problem and we have to spend our time thinking about more serious issues that concern us at this stage. 
The government has enough money now after selling oil and getting back some of its frozen assets. Officials can have many ideal ways to overcome the problem. I do not see it really as a big problem. 

With all the facilities we have, do we real need to have demonstrations and show others that we are unable to deal with such a small crisis compared to others and compared to the facilities available?

In Zliten, the local council is working effectively to make sure that the city is clean. The waste is almost collected on a daily basis. That was not the case during the Gaddafi government as the waste was accumulating for days and sometimes for more than a week or weeks.

There are also many volunteers who clean the main roads, the beach and remove the ripples and traces of destruction caused by NATO air raids.
I have recently visited Benghazi to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Feb17th Revolution. One of the most painful observations that was obvious to any one who cared to open his/her eyes was the garbage piled everywhere. Upon visiting the medical school where I used to work my 1st impulse was to p/u a broom.
The public health implications are serious and must be taken seriously by the gov & more importantly by the residents. The gov should allocate an emergency fund to deal with this problem & prevent a public health crisis that will surely be aggrevated by the summer heat.
The people who were cleaning the Tripoli city were beaten and expelled from Tripoli by the name of Mercenaries and i blv that some of them are in prison.

They didn't know that those people were playing a big role. Cleaning the streets with little dinar. Today they have to clean themselves.

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