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Friday, 23 June, 2017, 14:52 ( 12:52 GMT )
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BREAKING NEWS: Khamis Gaddafi Captured by Zintan Forces, Another Blow to Pro-Gaddafi Remnants
24/02/2012 22:45:00
The Tripoli Post has learnt from reliable sources, that Khamis Gaddafi, one of the sons son of the dead dictator of Libya, has been captured by Zintan rebels near the towns of Regdalin and Jmail in western Libya near the borders with Tunisia.

Khamis who was also a commander of the Gaddafi forces during the revolution and participated in the killing of the civilian protesters in Zawiyaha, Tripoli, Misurata and other Libyan cities and towns was well known for his brutality and crimes.

His most feared brigade, named the Mechanical 32 Brigade, played a major role in the suppressing of the uprising and also committing many war crimes.

Zintan forces captured Seif Gaddafi three months ago in the Sahara desert and he is now imprisoned there.

Khamis has been reported dead many times during last year's conflict but he always turned out to be alive.

Unconfirmed reports say that his doctor has also been captured and that Khamis has an amputated leg.
Did he have a pirates' hat, and a bird on his shoulder too?
Why was this article deleted earlier? And why is it back in the News?
Execute the walking shit NOW!
There is always a kind of ambiguity associated with many reports in Libya. Those claiming the capture of Khamis should speak to the public in order to avoid the spread of rumours and assure the Libyans of what is really happening. Khamis was based in the eastern part of Zliten during the liberation war and he launched many attacks on Misrata. Many innocent soldiers and officers were killed because of their refusal to obey his military orders which involved killing their Libyan brothers.
Photo? NTC is a looser! Allah, Muammar, Libya wa, wa bas!
After killing Gaddafi and his family by NATO,After Africans are now waiting to see what NATO will do in Iran and Seria
Khamis defended his country, his people, his ideals as any other honest man would have done.
Who forced this war upon Libya? Who incited the radical islamists in the East - who meanwhile introduced Sharia in the place of Gaddafis liberal "sweet Islam"? Who wants to rob Libya`s oil, gaz, water? Who wants to turn this most advanced country into misery?
Shame on NATO. Freedom and honour to Khamis and Free Libya.
Cut the crap and stop giving wrong news & keep changing your mind...fed up from from your bullshit.
Why TripoliPost publishes crappy comments from sick people such as those above from Mr. Luky & Mr, Eckert ??
Comments on comments 5 and 7
I would really like to say that since they†came to power, Gaddafi and his followers, whether relatives or Libyans, corrupted anything in our life even the minds of the people were corrupted.†
During Gaddafi's rule, Islam was taken only as a slogan. According to the so-called Green book, islam is our Shari'a, but in reality that was not the case. Gaddafi on one occasion tried to alter Quran by reading Alahad Sura without the first word during a prayer led by him. Gaddafi is similar to pharaoh, an ancient Egyptian ruler who declared that he was a lord. Although Gaddafi did not say this explicitly, the terms used to describe his character showed his arrogance and that he implicitly behaved like Egyptian Pharaoh. In most Libyan official documents and on many signs and bans, there were the expression, AlFatah Abadan meaning Mu'amr is forever. This seemed to suggest that the man would never die and would live forever. Eternity belongs to Allah. Also many expressions were used to Glorify him like AlFatah Al'deem "glorious Mu'amr. He did not show respect to our prophet as he never said 'Peace Be Upon Him' when mentioning the prophet.†
Khamis betrayed his country and killed and humiliated his people as any dishonest man.†
We have a proverb which I will try to translate: Hate anybody, but never falsify facts about him.
The war and NATO intervention were all forced by Gaddafi. No wise man likes the interference of NATO, the lives lost made the Libyans seek help from whoever was ready to offer it. Mahmood Jibreek, a former head of the executive office once pointed out that Gaddafi paved the way for NATO intervention by his aggression on civilians. Some talk about Gaddafi with mercy and as if he was representing †innocence itself.
†It was the autocracy in the most aggressive form. I am really tired of such discussion since the truth can never be hidden.†
The ordinary Libyans have never enjoyed the wealth of their country. And Libya has never been an advanced country apart from what Gaddafi believed about it as he described Libya as a great country in the same way as the British did when they named their country Great Britain. On an old radio programme, a Tunisian presenter asked his listeners to name a neighbouring country that was regarded by its leader as a great nation, but even the matches used to light a fire were not made in this country. The relation between Libya and Tunisia was bad at that time and who made it bad?†
Yepp, Mrs. Eckert.
One always should know where it comes from.
Didn't you write an article, published on Gaddafis propaganda medium "mathaba" about "Muammar Gaddafi Voted As Human Rights Hero Of The Year", together with Louis Szondy, who names himself also Adam King and is the founder of this "mathaba", surely not without the will, the promotion - and the money of old sewer rat?
Ah, so in your comment we face a piece of sewer rat fanpost, which comes from abroad - where else from, from inside Libya surely not.
This message is for Hussain Kreiba:

First of all you blame Mr Gaddafi for his green book and altering The Quraan for Not reciting the first word etc. etc. And you didn't blame the western NATO that is stealing oil from your country?
Second: You think that the NATO would help the Libyan Rebels if their county haden't oil.(Look at Syria)
Third:I've never ever heard from Gaddafi saying that he was an Lord...
Fourth: All Fateh Abadan is the meaning of that we (The Libyan people) will always remember him. NOT that he thougth that he will live forever.
Fifth:About not respecting the prophet(3laihi al sallaam). Maybe he was saying (Peace Be Upon Him) in his heard.
long live mommar & his brave sons who fight for islam fight against america & europe so libya an will not loose their culture their wealth & respect.. but 1 day all rebels and tuz america have to pay back.......allah momar au libyaa bus

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