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US Jewish Newspaper Calls for Assassination of President Barack Obama
31/01/2012 12:48:00
An Atlanta Jewish newspaper in the US, has called for Obama to be assassinated, clearly showing that the sheer arrogance of the Jewish lobby is beyond anything. The fact that the owner of the Atlanta Jewish Times has now apologised for the column that was published in his newspaper, is irrelevant.

The Jewish Telegraphic Agency, JTA has now reported that the owner of the newspaper, Andrew Adler has resigned under pressure. It said that Adler is "relinquishing all day-to-day activities effective immediately" and is seeking a buyer.

In an article that has drawn widespread condemnation Adler wrote a column that appeared in his newspaper on January 13 in which he argued that killing President Barack Obama might be justified because he posed a threat to the Jewish state.

Adler said that Israel should send Mossad agents to assassinate Obama because of his anti-Israel policies. “Order a hit on a President in order to preserve Israel’s existence,” he wrote.

Then he added: “Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?...How far would you go to save a nation comprised of seven million lives...Jews, Christians and Arabs alike? You have got to believe, like I do, that all options are on the table.”

In the column, Adler suggested that there were three options for Israel, should Iran acquire nuclear weapons: A strike against Hamas and Hezbollah, a strike against Iran, or "three, give the go-ahead for US-based Mossad agents to take out a President deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies."

Writing on The Jerusalem Post website, correspondent Gil Shefler explained that the story appeared in print only, but was uploaded to the Internet on Friday and then picked up immediately by media outlets in the US and around the world.

Shefler said that in the aftermath of the uproar, Adler expressed contrition to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, JTA, saying “I very much regret it, I wish I hadn’t made reference to it at all.”

He went on to say that he would run a full apology in his newspaper’s next edition, and told the Internet site that first reported on his column, that he had published his piece “to see what kind of reaction he’d get from readers”, but that he in no way endorsed such action or thought Israel was considering it.

In his letter of apology to the subscribers, readers and the worldwide Jewish community, Adler said:

"There are no excuses, there are no explanations; there is only this apology, the most sincere and heartfelt in my life. My column 'What would you do?', published in the Jan. 13 issue of the Atlanta Jewish Times, was outrageous and irresponsible, and most assuredly my last column.

"I have resigned from my position as publisher as of Jan. 23; my name will not be associated with the AJT going forward. An established Jewish Atlanta leader is being sought as the next face of the paper.

"With 'What would you do?, I attempted to put readers in the shoes of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu so as to bring about reflection and discourse regarding the difficult task of protecting the Jewish State. The third option I mentioned – that Mossad agents 'take out' an American president – is a terrible proposition to even think of, let alone share with others via a community newspaper."

According to JTA, the many calls and emails Adler received were overwhelmingly negative, and Jewish organisations on Saturday reportedly said that while condemning Adler for his statement, no apology would suffice.

On its part, The Jerusalem Post said that the American Jewish Committee expressed its “total revulsion,” saying the idea that anyone, especially a Jewish newspaper publisher, would consider assassinating Obama was “shocking beyond belief.”

Dov Wilker, director of AJC Atlanta, is also quoited saying: “While we acknowledge Mr. Adler’s apology, we are flabbergasted that he could ever say such a thing in the first place”.

He added: “How could he even conceive of such a twisted idea? Mr. Adler surely owes immediate apologies to President Obama, as well as to the State of Israel and his readership, the Atlanta Jewish community.”

Michael Horowitz, president and CEO of the Atlanta Jewish Federation said after reading the column, "I was appalled, I was flabbergasted." Horowitz said the column made Adler the "worldwide centre of negative attention."

The Federation issued a statement asking for Adler's resignation, saying, "While we acknowledge his public apology and remorse, the damage done to the people of Israel, the global Jewish people, and especially the Jewish Community of Atlanta is irreparable."

The Anti-Defamation League denounced Adler’s piece as “outrageous and beyond the pale” and called his ability to run a newspaper into question. Abe Foxman, ADL national director said: “There is absolutely no excuse, no justification, no rationalisation for this kind of rhetoric. It doesn’t even belong in fiction.:

He described the comments in the article, “irresponsible and extremist words”, adding that “It is outrageous and beyond the pale”, and that “an apology cannot possibly repair the damage.”

What's the big deal? Watch a movie or read a book. Silly people just like to bitch about everything.

There is nothing unusual about a ‘devoted and committed’ Jew who sees Israel as the centre of the universe and feels justified in suggesting elimination of anything or anyone posing the slightest of threat, even if only perceived and not real, to the Jewish state and in fact the Israeli leaders had actually been doing just that all along. I understand Count Folke Bernadotte and Dag Hammarskjold of the United Nations also died at Israeli hands and they are by no means the only ones. Even Yasir Arafat claimed that he had been poisoned by Israelis. Not all that far back, Israeli agents murdered a Hamas official in Middle East, using passports of many Westrern countries whose intelligence agencies ‘cooperate’ with Mosad.

The only thing that surprised me was that a Jew now feels confident enough to openly suggest assassination of US President Barack Obama, while sitting right on the American soil. Even worse was his suggestion that this is the official thinking in Israel.

Obama’s sin was that in the early stages of his presidency, he demanded freeze on the building of Israeli settlements on illegally occupied Palestinian land. However, he soon realized his ‘blunder,’ retracted his statement and knelt down before the Israeli leaders which position he has been faithfully maintaining all along but still the Israelis have not forgiven him.

I hope the American leaders realize the futility of trying to please a tiny state Israel with the population of a few million, and a total world Jewish population of around fifteen million, at the cost of earning the animosity of nearly two billion Muslims with over fifty states. However, it seems to be a bit late because the United States has sort of become an Israeli colony, and the top US leaders, in office as well as hopefuls, are mere puppets who run the United States for the benefit of Israel and Israelis.


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