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Monday, 30 March, 2015, 19:12 ( 17:12 GMT )
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Libya: Al Qathafi Masterspy Abdullah al-Senoussi Captured
20/11/2011 17:31:00
An archived photo of Abdullah Al-Senoussi, head of the Libyan Intelligence Service in the former Al Qathafi regime seen speaking to the media in Tripoli August 21

One of the most feared and influential people in the former Libyan leader's regime, Abdullah al-Senoussi, has been captured in southern Libya, one day after the arrest of Al Qathafi's second eldest son Seif al-Islam in the same region near Sebha.

Senoussi is believed to have been responsible for most of the crimes committed against the Libyan people during the 42 years of Al Qathafi's rule and during the uprising.

Al Senoussi is also well aware of the most sensitive dealings made by the former dictator inside and outside of Libya, and supervised most of the terrorist operations outside of Libya.

He also participated in the economic and political corruption schemes that characterised the Al Qathafi era and controlled most of the dealings of Libya between September 1, 1969 and until October 2011.

Ial Senousi, can be viewed as the black box of the former Al Qathafiregime. Like Al Qathafi, now dead, and Seif al-Islam, he too has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.
Gaddafi got rich off the oil from his country but never helped the poor people in his country. He also killed a lot of his own people too. Gaddafi did a lot of good things but he also did a lot of bad things to his people, that's why he was killed. If you don't know what Gaddafi did and why he was hated by his people, this article gives a great explanation on it.

The question is more : how come this could happen for 42 years?
The question is much more: what are you going to do without Gaddafi? Very funny thing: Lybia whithout Gaddafi. You hate Gaddafi because he made you all work for the benefit of Libya what you didn't want to do. You want to rob and kill only. That's why you killed Gaddafi. And you must remember forever: democracy is not for barbarians. They need tyranny but much more harder than regime of M.Gaddafi.

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