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Libyan New PM: We Will Do the Best We Can for Country
04/11/2011 10:04:00
Libya's new interim prime minster Abdurrahim el-Keeb said that the new government he has been elected to lead will do its "best" to stop human rights abuses and investigate those that have already taken place, and that worries over the introduction of Sharia law in Libya are unfounded.

In an interview with el-Keeb said: "We've had some vacuum in the past few months.The previous cabinet or executive office, they had lots of issues, challenges to deal with. I think we understand the situation better now. Once we have the government in place we will definitely do the best we can."

Keeb points out that the concerns in the Western media regarding implementation of Sharia law in Liby amount to scaremongering. "We will not have the extremism that our friends and colleagues in the West are worried about," he said.

He went on to say: "We're Muslims. When we say we're Muslims, we don't mean it in the negative way. I personally have lived, and I guarantee you most Libyans have, among Muslims, as well as friends and families that belong to other religions, or other faiths."

El-Keeb who was elected by a mojority of votes (with 26 votes out of 51) from among the members of the National Transitional Council. He beat four other candidates.

Libya's new pm left Libya in 1976 and joined the opposition to Al Qathafi and was whole-heartedly against the former regime. has spent time abroad in the United States and United Arab Emirates.

He has taught electrical engineering at both North Carolina State University and the University of Alabama. He is the recipient of several academic awards and has published a number of academic papers. Much of his US career since then was spent at the University of Alabama, where he was made a professor in 1996.

A biography on the website of The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, where Keeb is listed as chairman of the electrical engineering department, gives his graduation with a first degree from the University of Tripoli in 1973, followed by a masters from the University of Southern California in 1976 and a doctorate from North Caroline State University in 1984.

Keib was selected as the head of the new interim government late on Monday with 26 votes out of 51. He beat four other candidates, notably the National Transitional Council's interim Oil Minister Ali Tarhouni, who was thought to be one of the front runners for the post.

Referring to the other candidates from the post, including the NTC's interim oil minister Ali Tarhouni, who was thought to be one of the front runners for the post, he said that all ther other candidates have lots of credentials. ďAny one of them would have been able to do the job," he said, adding that he has already invited the other candidates to be part of his new interim government.

Keeb does not think his lack of political experience will hamper him from creating a stable, functioning governrnent. "I don't think you need a politician as such," the Tripoli-born academic told RF1. "You need a practical person who understands the environment that surrounds him or her. Somebody who is inclusive, somebody who holds no grudges, somebody who can get the job done," he adds.

Under the NTC's political roadmap Keeb is expected to form an interim government before November 23. He said certain personal characteristics are vital to those who will become part of the new government including "patriotism", "a clear record", "capability" and not having been "a major player in the past regime".

He added that age will be a factor taken into consideration as well as representation from across different regions of Libya. He believes that women will "definitely" be involved because they are "major players" in Libya's future.

El-Keeb describes his new role as getting Libya to a point where it is stable and secure. After 42 years of dictatorship under deposed leader Muammar Al Qathafi, Keeb says he has "never had a better night's sleep than the one when I first came to Tripoli after liberation".
Professor Al-Keeb and Colleagues, certainly doing one's best for Libya and the Libyans is a noble duty of a Leader and colleagues to lead in a challening period for the best possible for the poor Libyan people who suffered enormously in all fields for more than 45 years of short-sighted visions, childish adventures, squandering in both limited and poorly trained human resources and limited economic and natural resources.

A none-renewable limited economic resources in large dependent on oil if have been invested effectively and efficiently on developing the Libyan people skills, industries, minerals, investement in profit generating projects and industies, savings, diversified economy and quality education, Libya and the Libyans would have been by now one of the most wealthy, modern and well developed advanced nation.

Now, it is up to you, the current and the future generations to tighten up your pants, unite and work together hard and smart to gnerate economic growth, employment opportunities for your people and your genuine highly developed and civilized cultures, nations and friends who helped and protected you in challenging times.

Now it is up to you to take life seriously, innovate, work hard and smart as uinted people by extending your hands of friendship, partnership and cooperation with the most citivilzed and well developed and ethical cultures and nations to work together peacefully, dilligently and amiacably to develop nd arm themselves with quality skills, knowledge, sciences, ethics, moral and rule of law.

It is suggested to start with:
1. Forming a Ministry of quality education, training and mployment to continuously train, develop and create employment opportunities for the Libyan people
2. Forming a Ministry of Consumer Affairs for protecting the Libyans from scams, scandles, dumping of poor quality goods, cheating, piracy, stalking and so on
3. Forming a strong Ministry of Border Security to Monitor and stem the influx of Cross-Cultural crimes and criminals on all sides.
4. Forming a strong Ministry of Internal Affairs to facilitate and enhance Libyans interests in forming private corporates, reconciliation and partnerships.

5. Forming a strong Neutral and non-political army for defence purposes only to defend Libya and its borders
6. Forming a strong Ministry of Foreign Affairs to form alliences and treaties of defence and cooperaion with highly developed and civilized nations after ratification by the Libyan people.

7. Forming a strong Ministry of Minining and exploration
8. Forming a strong Ministry of Higher Education
9. Forming a strong Ministry of Technical Education
10. Forming a strong Ministry of Sustainable Agriculure and Food Production
11. Forming a strong Ministry of Alternative Energy
12. Forming a Strong Ministry of Manufacturing and Innovation and so on
Shariah law is Islamic law There is no 'extremism' nor anything else in it. Taking just a part of it and avoiding the rest with the view to satisfy the others must be considered as disgracing the spirit of Islam. It is kufr, as well. No rulers have the slightest authority to change Islam.
I am half Libyan and half Italian with 20 years of expirance in Admiinistraion and Managment , I speak 4 languages and I would like to be part to reconstructe Libya . please contact me
Iīm a Berber of morocco. I must warn you again about the Berber Fashist. Here is a video of them insulting arabs and islam.

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