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NTC in Paris Meeting to Map Out Libya Future
01/09/2011 11:41:00
Forty-two years to the day when the deposed Libyan leader Muammar al Qathafi led the Al Fateh Revolution on September 1, 1969, changing Libya's destiny from a monarchy to a republic, the new leaders of Libya, the rebels' National Transitional Council that has freed the country from a vicious regime after an uprising that began in mid-February, today is discussing with world leaders Libya's rebuilding.

In 1969 a young, 28-year-old Army captain, Al Qathafi and other young Free Unionist officers, kicked out King Idris in a bloodless coup. It was a change that the Libyan people had longed for and welcomed.

But the revolution went sour in the mid-70s when power appeared to have gone to Al Qathafi's head. He forgot all about his vows to the people and instead went back on his promises. His leadership gave rise to a vicious, violent and intimidatory regime that completely suppressed the Libyans' freedom.

But in February the Libyan people finally could take no more. They said enough and spurred on by the uprisings in neighbouring Tunisia and Egypt, initiated its own, culminated in the conflict that eventually deposed Muammar Al Qathafi and his corrupt regime.

Now, despite the teething problems expected that a new leadership is bound to encounter, the people, united to preserve the new freedom they seem to have acquired, can look forward to a new Libya and a new future, free of the shackles that bound them for so long and suffocated their progress.

In Paris today, the NTC is meeting with those who spearheaded the West's intervention in Libya that has led to Al Qathafi being driven from power.

The French capital is hosting Libya's government-in-waiting, and other delegations from 60 countries and world bodies, including Russia and China, and in a tight three-hour agenda will focus attention on political and economic reconstruction in Libya, trying to avoid mistakes previously made in Iraq with the ousting of Saddam hussein.

It is obvious that on the sidelines government will be jostling for opportunities in the oil and infrastructure sectors in Libya as it rebuilds and looks toward a new beginning.

Libya boasts large reserves of top-quality crude oil, but has been left badly underdeveloped by the Al Qathafi regime that lost its way. So, with Al Qathafi out of the way following a popular revolt, the "Friends of Libya" conference in Paris will give the ruling interim council its first platform to address the world.

National Transition Council Chairperson Mustafa Abdel Jalil will open the afternoon talks with an outline of the NTC's roadmap, which targets a new constitution, elections within eight months and ways to avoid bloody reprisals.

Later, Jalil also address an evening news conference along with Sarkozy and Cameron who are hosting the conference.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be at the talks along with European and African leaders and the heads of NATO, along with the United Nations and the European Union. Russia and China, who had opposed the NATO intervention, will also be represented.

With the United States and Britain having won the UN permission to unfreeze $1.5bn each of Libyan assets, the NTC representatives will be expected to push for rapid access to the billions of dollars in foreign-held Libyan assets frozen under the UN sanctions on the deposed Al Qathafi.

France is trying to follow on the steps of the US and Britain and get a similar sum approved out of a total €7.6bn of Libyan assets in France. Other European countries may follow suit,.

The European Union, which has already sent some €150m in humanitarian aid to Libya, is also said to be preparing measures to help the NTC with justice, policing and security, education and financial management,.

As well as big prospects for developing oil drilling, the end of the conflict is bound to open up big opportunities for infrastructure, construction, electric power, telecoms, water and tourism companies who are keen to challenge for lucrative contracts.

The NTC has said those who took a lead role in backing their revolt will be rewarded, meaning that France and Britain would expect an advantage.
Message to Jalill/ Gibril and all false prophet of Islam

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