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Libya Crisis Latest: Benghazi Forms Interim Government Under Former Justice Minister
27/02/2011 13:19:00

Defected Justice Minister Mustafa Mohamed Abud Ajleil, now leading interim government in Benghazi

Libya's ex-justice minister Mustafa Mohamed Abud Ajleil who resigned as justice minister has led the formation of an interim government, comprising military and civilian figures based in the eastern city of Benghazi, who would prepare for elections within three months, it has been reported.

Libya's ambassadors to the United States and UN have both reportedly voiced their support for the plan, which was being discussed in the eastern town of Benghazi.

Abud Ajleil has been quoted as saying that Muammar al Qathafi "alone" bore responsibility "for the crimes that have occurred" in Libya. He insisted on the unity of the homeland's territory, and that Libya is free and its capital is Tripoli,".

Despite anti-Al Qathafi forces claiming that they control 80% of the country, one of Al Qathafi's sons, Saif al-Islam, insists that normal life was continuing in three-quarters of the country, adding: "Peace is coming back to our country".

However, in the working-class area of Tajoura, scene of protests in previous days, residents set up makeshift roadblocks composed of rocks, concrete blocks and even chopped-down palm trees in an effort to stop vehicles carrying armed AL Qathafi loyalists from entering the neighbourhood.

Though claims are difficult to verify, it is a known fact that anti-Al Qathafi forces control much of eastern Libya, particularly Benghazi, Libya's second city, that has been the centre of the Libyan uprising, is in opposition forces' hands, where an interim government has been formed, while Al Qathafi still controls most of the capital, Tripoli, home to around two million of the country's six million population.

However, Libyans all over the country have been saying that dividing the country in two is not the ideal way to solve the problems of the country. They said Libya should stay united and work towards becoming the country all the Libyans wish it to become, were its inhabitants are free, enjoying freedom of speech and to strengthen the belief that they are capable of planning a rosy future.

Following the UN Security Council's decision to impost sanctions on the leadership and his family, Libya's deputy UN envoy Ibrahim Dabbashi, who declared his opposition to Al Qathafi a week ago, said the sanctions would give "moral support" to the anti-Al Qathafi protesters. He said that the sanctions would help put an end to what he called “fascist regime that is still in existence in Tripoli."

The Libyan delegation at the UN had sent a letter to the Council backing measures to hold to account those responsible for armed attacks on Libyan civilians, including action through the International Criminal Court - which had been one of the main points of contention in the resolution.

The Libyan capital, Tripoli a city of around two million people was largely quiet this morning, with militiamen erecting additional roadblocks and tanks parked at major intersections. Residents said the Libyan leader is arming civilian supporters to set up thee checkpoints and roving patrols around the capital to control movement and quash dissent.

Thousands of foreign nationals - many of them employed in the oil industry - continue to be evacuated from the country by air, sea and land.

One could see however, that some 10,000 people remain outside Tripoli airport's terminal building with several thousand more inside. Some of the workers who are trying to leave the country through the airport are at times even abandoning their luggage in their desperation to flee the country.

Most of those trying to leave were Egyptians, many of whom had been waiting at the airport for several days. Thousands other Egyptians have been streaming out of Libya not just through the border with their own country in Tobruk, but also over the western border to Tunisia where the local authorities are finding it hard to cope. As such, these evacuees face an appalling situation, and no sanitary facilities.

The Tunisian army hopes to be able to relocate the workers to camps before they reach their destination, but it is not easy and it could take weeks.

In the meantime, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said Saturday that the Libyan leader does not seem to be in control of his country anymore, while German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle said Saturday that he believes Al Qathafi's rule is over in Libya.

Australia ill place sanctions on 22 individuals in Col Al Qathafi's inner circle, barring financial transactions and their entry to Australia. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said the move was a "concrete demonstration of Australia's support for the people of Libya".
every journey begins with a step.please positively identify al captured mercenaries add stories behind their deployments.so their leaders can be issued with i.c.c. arrest warrants,wel done libya.
All peoples should pray the Holy Rosary for world peace. That's the only remedy for the world's political, economic, environmental and spiritual on going crises.
Ali islam nathifu fatanathafu faina layadihuru janata ila nathifu. You are all ashaming Islam. I can see who will will this bloodshed conflict.

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